Just in Case You Didn’t Know, I’m really NOT a Unicorn… or am I??

I mean, I AM a flesh and blood female; I’m not a robot either, and I like how more and more we have to “prove” ourselves on some sites so they know we’re real live human beings! But I’m starting to think that I’m invisible, or someone that some people (mainly guys!) think I was a “figment” of their imagination…🙄😒😔

My friend Terry is right; I am a 🦄Unicorn. I’m something that seemingly doesn’t exist to a guy. I mean, c’mon—can there 🙄REALLY be women out there that ARE good, and love God, and would be loving, romantic, AND respectful to their man??🤔🤨 (YES, I’m right here🥺!!!) Oh, and of course she has to be pretty, neat, somewhat organized; she should have a good job, or at least working towards one, or pursuing whatever goal or dream she has. She hopefully is a hard worker, honest, speaking the truth but with love, not hitting the man over the head and nagging him all the time😒; also thoughtful, kind, considerate. And forgiving—she’s GOT to be forgiving, because men even into their 40’s and 50’s still act like 12 year old boys at times🤪 (I’m not saying I never get like that🙄—I could SWEAR I heard a Voice in my spirit say to me one day when I was complaining about this and that—“52 going on 12”😳!). Did I mention she should have a good sense of humor?? 😆😉😏 She’ll tell you like it is, but knows when to be still and quiet as well. Check, check, and check.😉✅ Oh, and for the love of everything good, she CAN’T try to change the man😫😩!! That’s HUGE!! He KNOWS he needs to change—it’s on his mind constantly, but unless he HAS a good enough reason to, sometimes he just “gives up” and no longer cares.

She’s got to be the type of woman that leaves such an impression on him, that he DOES care enough to move forward in his life, make those changes, and MOVE ON, and GET that woman! If he has her already, then make her realize she’s WORTH it to him TO do whatever it takes to keep her (and yes, she should let HIM know as well, that he means that much to her!).

That type of woman is a RARE thing—a “RUBY” in the Lord’s eyes; precious in His sight, so of course, for the man that ends up with her, he’s going to finally feel like he won the lottery ten times over, but money could NEVER replace the LOVE she’ll have for him🥰—that in ITSELF, is worth the effort in pursuing such a woman. And ladies, that type of man is also WORTH WAITING FOR, hence me doing just that for the last two plus years! For a man to finally feel LOVED and RESPECTED, is all that he needs. He’ll lasso the moon🌕 for her just to let her know how much she means to him.❤️ With the love that blooms and grows between them, all those “changes” that needed to take place in BOTH of their lives (yes, ladies, we have things WE need to change about ourselves as well😉), little by little, it happens. They get closer to one another; are so comfortable in each other’s presence, and the trust that grows between them, it just “happens”—they start to “blend” and become ONE with another. He doesn’t want to do or say certain things that he knew wasn’t right in the first place; she realizes that there’s no need to nag, or “push buttons”—enough “buttons” have been pushed by others in their past lives. They want this to happen; they want this to work, and somehow, they always “knew” it would. LOVE continues to grow after a while, and before they know it, they realize that they were always “meant to be”. Their love🥰for one another means more to them than anything else—except God Himself. They realize that if it wasn’t for HIM, they wouldn’t have even met. He set this up for them. He knew how and when it would work out best for them. They may have messed up a few times prior, but that doesn’t even matter anymore. What matters now, is they finally got it RIGHT.❤️

That’s what THIS 🦄Unicorn wants to have happen to HER. That’s why I’m waiting on God to bring me “him”. He’s out there; I know he is. God has assured me, via several “God Wink” confirmations 💜🌈 that I am NOT waiting for nothing. BUT, it HAS to be in HIS timing, and in the way HE’S going to bring it about. No more rushing ahead or falling behind for me; let the Lord take care of it. I’ve done enough damage in my own life, and even though it wasn’t intentional, in the lives of others. I don’t mind WAITING, even though this is one of the HARDEST things I could have ever done in my life; not so much the WAITING or TRUSTING God part, but the LONLINESS😣😞💔part. THAT’S the “killer”; I’ve never been a solitary this long in my life, since I was 18. But, it had to be THIS way this time, in order for God to do what HE needs to do in ME, and in “him”. When He decides we’re both “ready enough”, it’ll be TIME. No more waiting after that; at least not for each other. A whole new experience, a whole new FAITH walk, a whole new LIFE and LOVE that we both wanted (and needed!🥰) so much.

So yea, this Unicorn🦄 girl will continue to wait for “him”. He’s definitely worth the wait, because he IS the “one” that God wanted me to have in the FIRST place, before I “got in the way” and made my own life choices. Oh, don’t get me wrong—blessings did come out of some of those relationships as well—I gained a daughter, and now a future son-in-law, a grandson, a friend instead of an enemy (that is, my ex-husband, the father of my daughter☺️), and also, a step-daughter and her family, and a step-son as well. I still consider them all “family” as they do me.🥰. Forgiveness reaps many benefits in this life, and I did “gain” things, even though some of those things weren’t part of God’s ultimate Plan for my life. But He knew I wanted to be a mother, and He answered that prayer, despite the circumstances and life choices at the time. What I gained out of it, is priceless.❤️💎 If God can allow such amazing things to happen in His PERMISSIBLE Will, imagine what He will do for me NOW, that I am finally “IN” His Perfect Will! The verse from Ephesians 3:20 pops into my mind right now—“Now to HIM Who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the POWER that works IN us…” THAT is why I am willing to WAIT; not only because “that man” is the one I’ve wanted for so long, but because my Father CHOSE him and designed him especially for ME, and I for him. No one could ever fill God’s “shoes” in my life, nor the MAN He Pre-Destined and Ordained for me.🥰🙏🏼❤️✝️

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