The Harder and Longer the Trials, the more I have to Fix my Eyes on What is Unseen

First off, I want to apologize for not being on here for the past several days! I’m so sorry; Life got busy, and I actually “allowed” myself to go out a couple of times this weekend, to catch a breath and meet up with some family and musician friends. I didn’t want anyone to start thinking I was one of those bloggers that start a blog, and two or three entries later, give it up. No way—not when my “Season of Waiting” Journey is still in full swing! Nor was it because nothing has come my way as far as Divine intervention in my devotionals, or real life events. On the contrary; not only have I had my huge share of “God Winks” (oh my soul, He hooks me up with so many sometimes, I can’t remember to write them all down!), but as far as Divine intervention and what I like to call my “George Muëller” moments, I had a few of those too!

Last Tuesday (Mar. 19), I calmly spoke to the Lord about the worsening money situation; I did my taxes, and was waiting for them to come in, but honestly didn’t expect them until about a couple more weeks at least, from what I was told. My church said they were willing to help me out a bit, but had yet to do so. I knew it was already past the time for some of my bills, and I needed my car to get back and forth to school; gas and toll money was running down, and I was starting to run out of basic food items. I wasn’t going to go “hungry”, but certain daily things I started to run out of, so that was “on the list” of needs for the Lord to provide as well.

Just a little over two months ago, I was in this very scenario; my seasonal job ended up being just that—seasonal, when we were told that wasn’t going to happen, and we would be keeping our jobs at the end of the Christmas Season. So I had absolutely no money saved, because I didn’t even make enough TO save any money, much less pay most of my bills. My situation started to turn dire very quickly; that was before I got a temp job at the church/school to fill in as the custodian. I just happen to mention that I needed prayers for my particular situation online, and within 72 hours, the Lord had whispered into people’s ears, and moved them to help me out enough to pay much needed late bills, and also help me with food. For six weeks, things were starting to look a little better, but then as soon as that job started, it too, had ended quicker than I previously hoped it would. But I was happy for the individual who I was filling in for, for their life situatation did improve for them to come back to work. ☺️

So this was a “repeat” of what happened, and like I said, by last Tuesday, I was walking down that road of FAITH, looking for “open doors” to swing wide open, to get me out of the bind once again. Mind you, my school schedule for this semester doesn’t allow me the “freedom” to choose from an array of jobs; I’ve had to look for jobs with flexible hours, and because of my late nights at school four days out of the week, that makes matters worse for me. Thankfully, by Wednesday night, after getting a “nudge” to check my bank account (mind you I was getting ready for band practice, but that “still small voice” went off in my head, so I knew to respond very quickly to it!), I realized that my tax return showed up way before I expected it to, and that just got me out of a very serious jam! Praise God! Then, knowing my living situation was going to change within the next month or so, one of the ladies at church decided to open up her house to me, and I will be staying there for a while, for however long the Lord determines that has to be. I sure hope He opens a door for a job soon, though.😕That would be awesome! So knowing my future living arrangements are pretty much secured, and that prayer answered, the next thing the Lord took care of this Sunday, was some anonymous individual at church, happened to leave me $100 in my mail slot at the church! Even though my tax return was almost gone in a few days, but went to paying all the past due bills and such, I now was also able to purchase food and have enough money for gas and tolls for the next couple of weeks! Then, as if that wasn’t a blessing enough (and I’m not even mentioning all the “God Winks” I got in my devotionals that mentioned such things as Hebrews 11:6, AND the ones that my blog title is about—fixing my eyes on what is UNSEEN, rather than what is seen, and many more FAITH verses!), my friend comes to visit me just this past week, and blesses me with $30, because they won some money on a “scratch off” no less( I’m not condoning such practices, but it was kind of them to give me a part of what they won!)!! They know my ongoing situation, and wanted to help me out a bit, even though they themselves are also going through some tough times lately. So, within ONE WEEK, I’ve been given $130, and had my refund of over $1300 help me pay many things, to get me mostly up-to-date. Now granted, having a job would put me in a much better postion; the Lord Himself knows that. BUT, I can tell that HIS way of doing things has “stayed” off the job long enough to allow my FAITH walk to grow, and for other’s FAITH walks to also have a chance to grow as well in their lives. It would be much easier to just allow me to have a job; but then, none of us would have been S T R E T C H E D in our FAITH by the Lord—those that were willing a little over two months ago, to give me what totaled $1200, and bought me food back then; and now, learning even more to be PATIENT, the Lord has me blessed with others to help me as well, and in turn, they’ll get blessed by Him for being so faithful, and helping a sister in the Lord out in her ongoing time of need.

God’s FAITHFULNESS has been astounding in all of this; I cannot ever thank Him enough for what He’s been doing, especially since losing my full time job back in December, 2016 and putting me on this FAITH WALK Journey “in the DARK” with Him. I haven’t been just sitting around though; it’s been an ACTIVE “waiting period”, that’s for sure! I’m going to college full time; I’m singing and playing in my Worship band at church; going to leadership classes there now once a month; in another band as well, AND going to piano lessons at school, using the gifts, talents, skills and abilities the Lord has given me to put to use. I’m also “waiting” for “that man”—let’s not forget that🙄❤️, whenever the Lord finally brings “him” around. Until things change for the “better” more “permanently”, I will be on this FAITH walk for quite some time, and the longer I am on it, and as hard as it may get sometimes, I KNOW without a doubt, that the Lord has my back, and will take care of me with every STEP of FAITH I take, day by day. May you be blessed to have read this, and encouraged by it as well, that He can and will do the same for YOU, as you step out in FAITH each day, and let Him lead you by the hand. ❤️✝️

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