Can You Truly Function in This Life Alone? Do You Want To?

I’ve been on my own for the past four years; Oh, I’ve had plenty of so-called “opportunities” to have a man in my life, but honestly, after being put on this Journey back in December of 2016, and having the Lord show me WHO I should really being waiting for, and having Him confirm it to me several times, I haven’t had any desire to seek anyone else out further.

Have I been lonely? Sure as heck I’ve been! But functioning without a life partner is doable, I learned to realize. It was a weakness in me that the Lord brought to light, and for the past almost three years now, I’ve learn to be comfortable enough to function without having someone to lean on.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want anyone; I sure do! I am WAITING on God as of this very moment still, to deliver “that man” to me, in His own timing. I can live without such a one, but I CHOOSE not to, for I was MADE and DESIGNED by God Himself for a specific man, and that man was made and designed by God, for ME. I also want to be able to share my life, my love, my passions with him; there are so many things I want to experience with that LOVE of my life, who I cannot wait to be with. But for now, until God deems it the “right time”, I live and function alone, without that life partner, learning to become a strong independent woman who can be that better Proverbs 31 woman “that man” needs me to be for him.

The one thing I don’t EVER want to do, is function in this life without God at my side. A man is one thing, but not having the Lord God to lead and guide me, is a train wreck waiting to happen. Actually, it’s already happened in my life, hence the reason why the Lord put me on this Journey, and in a “Season of Waiting” for “that man” of His own choosing. But for me to be the woman of God “that man” needs me to be, the Lord had to “tweak” some things in my life that needed work on, and I’m way better now than I was three years ago, hence all the more reason I realize the importance of not wanting to function without the Hand of God leading and guiding me in this life.

Some of my loved ones and friends choose to function in this life without Christ; but they will never have the Eternal Life that is promised to them unless they give their lives over to Him. They need to SURRENDER their lives—body, soul and spirit—over to the Lord, accept Him as Savior and Lord of their lives, and unless they do all that, He will NOT be able to LIVE inside of them (the Holy Spirit dwells inside each and every believer—see John chapters 14-16). Period.

Mankind functions every single day whether or not they recognize Christ as Savior and Lord, and God as Supreme Being and Almighty God and Father, ONLY because of the COMMON GRACE that God has bestowed upon His Creation since the Beginning of TIME.

Most of the Earth’s population does NOT take advantage of the Saving Grace that Jesus is freely giving to ALL mankind. In fact, some have gone so far as to not only IGNORE God’s ONLY plan for their Salvation, Redemption and Eternal Life, but to insult the Most High God by saying there are OTHER WAYS and means that a human spirit being can achieve “higher consciousness”, or a “god-like” state. Some, like the atheists themselves, say one doesn’t need a supposed spirit being to better their lives—they can do it all by themselves within their own human strength, willpower and intelligence.

God puts each and every single person in situations and circumstances (most of the time, bad ones!), so that they have the OPPORTUNITY to cry out TO Him for Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Salvation and Deliverance(Psalm 34:6; 61:2; 77:1; 1 Kings 17:20; 1 Chronicles 5:20).

There’s only ONE PROBLEM with that—the strength, willpower and intelligence that they originally were BORN with, is from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Himself, so mankind cannot say that it is only through HIMSELF that he’s attained all he has, for that is FALSE.

There are still others who say that they have somewhat of a spiritual lifestyle, inviting other so-called religions, beliefs, faiths, etc. to enter into their lives, and somehow, as “spiritual” as they may seem, saying that they are OPEN-minded to all things, shut down almost immediately when it comes to God and His Word.

Why is that? Because mankind’s DOMINION and POWER were allowed to be taken from him in the Garden of Eden, by a sly and cunning fallen angel, disguised as a serpent, named Lucifer-turned-Satan. We CAN and DO have that dominion still, because God is sovereign, and Jesus was victorious over Death at the Cross; we just need to take up our AUTHORITY in CHRIST in order to HAVE dominion over Satan! Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven (specifically, the Third Heaven) (“I saw Satan fall as lightning”—Luke 10:18) when he was foolish enough to think and say that HE could be like the Most High, and somehow take over the Third Heaven where God Himself resides (Isaiah 14:12). BUT, I have to admit that Satan used all his gifts, talents, skills and abilities that the Lord God Almighty originally gave him when He created Lucifer as a Cherub, and made him “worship leader” of Heaven (see also Ezekiel 28:13-17). Lucifer was obviously so full of himself, that he didn’t bother to give God the glory thanks He deserved for giving Lucifer all those gift, talents, etc. to begin with. Lucifer LIED to himself, thinking and saying that what he had, he attained BY himself, FOR himself. WRONG ANSWER!! Hence the quick expulsion of him out of Heaven, and now that humankind was already in the mix of what the Lord’s plans were, God has used even Satan himself and those 1/3 that were convinced of his lies and promises of taking over Heaven, all these millennia, to PROVE to mankind, that the ONLY ONE who has POWER , DOMINION and the PROMISE of ETERNAL LIFE, and the true GIVER of such, is God HIMSELF, through His Son Jesus Christ, having the Holy Spirit living IN and working THROUGH His true believers, and NO ONE ELSE can share HIS Glory and Honor due His Name (Isaiah 42:8; Psalm8:1; Isaiah 43:7; John 17:4; John 14:6; 1 John 5:13; Rev. 4:11). But Philippians 2:9-11 spells it out for us, that ALL will bow their knees, and confess with their tongues, whether they be in Heaven or Hell, that Jesus IS LORD to the GLORY of God the Father! Amen!

There are always going to be humans, until the Lord calls it “quits” down here, that will just NEVER believe Him, His Word, or in His ways. He knows that; He created us. He knows how fallible we are, such stubborn, rebellious creatures, and needing of that spiritual REBIRTH and CONNECTION to the SPIRIT that was CUT OFF due to the SIN of DISOBEDIENCE in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. Satan DOESN’T want us to have that one-on-one Spiritual “re-connection” with the Lord God Almighty, for IF we DO, then we will NO LONGER fall for his lies, schemes, and deceitfulness! Keep as many “in the dark” about their spiritual connection to the Lord God Almighty—even convince some that there IS no such thing as a “spirit body” (1 Thessalonians 5:23; Numbers 16:22; Genesis 1:26-27, which clearly states God created us LIKE the Godhead!; Matthew 10:28; James 2:26; 1 Corinthians 5:5, 15:44-47), but as you see there are numerous verses in the Bible, and those listed are just a few, that speak of God making man IN HIS IMAGE, which is a SPIRIT, a SOUL (the mind, will and intellect of a person), and lastly, a BODY. But most of mankind has ignored the first two, concentrating only on the last part—the BODY, and has tried to be glorified through that ONE aspect of himself.

As it has been stated before, God is NOT going to share His glory with anyone, nor allow His creation to raise itself above Him—it cannot and WILL not happen. Either we SURRENDER ourselves to Him, realizing that we in fact DO need a SAVIOR and Redeemer in this life, to lead and guide us, ensuring us along the way that we ARE His, and He works in, with, for, and THROUGH us, because of the LOVE that Christ showed for us upon the Cross, taking our place, and putting upon Himself ALL the SINS of mankind, OR we can in our own stubbornness and rebellious nature, remain steadfast in our sins, going through LIFE here without Him, doing our own thing, believing what WE want instead of what He has shown us, and remaining DEAD in the spirit until Judgment at the White Throne Judgment Seat, which happens in Revelation 20.

It’s OUR choice—Eternal LIFE with the Lord Jesus Christ, recognizing our FULL POTENTIAL here and allowing God to work out His Plans and Purposes in this LIFE (Jeremiah 29:11) that He has Ordained and made for us BEFORE the foundations of this world (Ephesians 1:4; Psalm 90:2, 2 Timothy 1:9), and so we HAVE this “HOPE of Eternal LIFE, which God, Who does NOT lie, PROMISED before the beginning of TIME” (Titus 1:2).

OR, we can remain in our sinful state, doing WHAT we want, WHEN we want to, HOW we want to, with WHOM we want to, and meet our Judge (Psalm 9:8; 50:4; 75:7; 96:13; Isaiah 3:13; 33:12; 66:16; Daniel 7:9-10; Ezekiel 33:20; Revelation 6:15-17; Hebrews 10:30–the Lord WILL judge His people; 1 Peter 4:17–the Lord judges His OWN, and righteously, so it’s OBVIOUS that those who do NOT follow Him will ALSO be righteously Judged!; 2 Peter 2:4–even the ANGELS will be judged!; Jeremiah 17:10).

It’s up to each and every single human SPIRIT being that has set foot upon this Earth, to CHOOSE this day, who we will serve—ourselves, a false god, or the One True Living God. One way or another, on THAT DAY, we ALL will meet Him. As Amos 4:12 says, “Prepare to meet thy GOD.”

Be blessed—-

Just in Case You Didn’t Know, I’m really NOT a Unicorn… or am I??

I mean, I AM a flesh and blood female; I’m not a robot either, and I like how more and more we have to “prove” ourselves on some sites so they know we’re real live human beings! But I’m starting to think that I’m invisible, or someone that some people (mainly guys!) think I was a “figment” of their imagination…🙄😒😔

My friend Terry is right; I am a 🦄Unicorn. I’m something that seemingly doesn’t exist to a guy. I mean, c’mon—can there 🙄REALLY be women out there that ARE good, and love God, and would be loving, romantic, AND respectful to their man??🤔🤨 (YES, I’m right here🥺!!!) Oh, and of course she has to be pretty, neat, somewhat organized; she should have a good job, or at least working towards one, or pursuing whatever goal or dream she has. She hopefully is a hard worker, honest, speaking the truth but with love, not hitting the man over the head and nagging him all the time😒; also thoughtful, kind, considerate. And forgiving—she’s GOT to be forgiving, because men even into their 40’s and 50’s still act like 12 year old boys at times🤪 (I’m not saying I never get like that🙄—I could SWEAR I heard a Voice in my spirit say to me one day when I was complaining about this and that—“52 going on 12”😳!). Did I mention she should have a good sense of humor?? 😆😉😏 She’ll tell you like it is, but knows when to be still and quiet as well. Check, check, and check.😉✅ Oh, and for the love of everything good, she CAN’T try to change the man😫😩!! That’s HUGE!! He KNOWS he needs to change—it’s on his mind constantly, but unless he HAS a good enough reason to, sometimes he just “gives up” and no longer cares.

She’s got to be the type of woman that leaves such an impression on him, that he DOES care enough to move forward in his life, make those changes, and MOVE ON, and GET that woman! If he has her already, then make her realize she’s WORTH it to him TO do whatever it takes to keep her (and yes, she should let HIM know as well, that he means that much to her!).

That type of woman is a RARE thing—a “RUBY” in the Lord’s eyes; precious in His sight, so of course, for the man that ends up with her, he’s going to finally feel like he won the lottery ten times over, but money could NEVER replace the LOVE she’ll have for him🥰—that in ITSELF, is worth the effort in pursuing such a woman. And ladies, that type of man is also WORTH WAITING FOR, hence me doing just that for the last two plus years! For a man to finally feel LOVED and RESPECTED, is all that he needs. He’ll lasso the moon🌕 for her just to let her know how much she means to him.❤️ With the love that blooms and grows between them, all those “changes” that needed to take place in BOTH of their lives (yes, ladies, we have things WE need to change about ourselves as well😉), little by little, it happens. They get closer to one another; are so comfortable in each other’s presence, and the trust that grows between them, it just “happens”—they start to “blend” and become ONE with another. He doesn’t want to do or say certain things that he knew wasn’t right in the first place; she realizes that there’s no need to nag, or “push buttons”—enough “buttons” have been pushed by others in their past lives. They want this to happen; they want this to work, and somehow, they always “knew” it would. LOVE continues to grow after a while, and before they know it, they realize that they were always “meant to be”. Their love🥰for one another means more to them than anything else—except God Himself. They realize that if it wasn’t for HIM, they wouldn’t have even met. He set this up for them. He knew how and when it would work out best for them. They may have messed up a few times prior, but that doesn’t even matter anymore. What matters now, is they finally got it RIGHT.❤️

That’s what THIS 🦄Unicorn wants to have happen to HER. That’s why I’m waiting on God to bring me “him”. He’s out there; I know he is. God has assured me, via several “God Wink” confirmations 💜🌈 that I am NOT waiting for nothing. BUT, it HAS to be in HIS timing, and in the way HE’S going to bring it about. No more rushing ahead or falling behind for me; let the Lord take care of it. I’ve done enough damage in my own life, and even though it wasn’t intentional, in the lives of others. I don’t mind WAITING, even though this is one of the HARDEST things I could have ever done in my life; not so much the WAITING or TRUSTING God part, but the LONLINESS😣😞💔part. THAT’S the “killer”; I’ve never been a solitary this long in my life, since I was 18. But, it had to be THIS way this time, in order for God to do what HE needs to do in ME, and in “him”. When He decides we’re both “ready enough”, it’ll be TIME. No more waiting after that; at least not for each other. A whole new experience, a whole new FAITH walk, a whole new LIFE and LOVE that we both wanted (and needed!🥰) so much.

So yea, this Unicorn🦄 girl will continue to wait for “him”. He’s definitely worth the wait, because he IS the “one” that God wanted me to have in the FIRST place, before I “got in the way” and made my own life choices. Oh, don’t get me wrong—blessings did come out of some of those relationships as well—I gained a daughter, and now a future son-in-law, a grandson, a friend instead of an enemy (that is, my ex-husband, the father of my daughter☺️), and also, a step-daughter and her family, and a step-son as well. I still consider them all “family” as they do me.🥰. Forgiveness reaps many benefits in this life, and I did “gain” things, even though some of those things weren’t part of God’s ultimate Plan for my life. But He knew I wanted to be a mother, and He answered that prayer, despite the circumstances and life choices at the time. What I gained out of it, is priceless.❤️💎 If God can allow such amazing things to happen in His PERMISSIBLE Will, imagine what He will do for me NOW, that I am finally “IN” His Perfect Will! The verse from Ephesians 3:20 pops into my mind right now—“Now to HIM Who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the POWER that works IN us…” THAT is why I am willing to WAIT; not only because “that man” is the one I’ve wanted for so long, but because my Father CHOSE him and designed him especially for ME, and I for him. No one could ever fill God’s “shoes” in my life, nor the MAN He Pre-Destined and Ordained for me.🥰🙏🏼❤️✝️

The Harder and Longer the Trials, the more I have to Fix my Eyes on What is Unseen

First off, I want to apologize for not being on here for the past several days! I’m so sorry; Life got busy, and I actually “allowed” myself to go out a couple of times this weekend, to catch a breath and meet up with some family and musician friends. I didn’t want anyone to start thinking I was one of those bloggers that start a blog, and two or three entries later, give it up. No way—not when my “Season of Waiting” Journey is still in full swing! Nor was it because nothing has come my way as far as Divine intervention in my devotionals, or real life events. On the contrary; not only have I had my huge share of “God Winks” (oh my soul, He hooks me up with so many sometimes, I can’t remember to write them all down!), but as far as Divine intervention and what I like to call my “George Muëller” moments, I had a few of those too!

Last Tuesday (Mar. 19), I calmly spoke to the Lord about the worsening money situation; I did my taxes, and was waiting for them to come in, but honestly didn’t expect them until about a couple more weeks at least, from what I was told. My church said they were willing to help me out a bit, but had yet to do so. I knew it was already past the time for some of my bills, and I needed my car to get back and forth to school; gas and toll money was running down, and I was starting to run out of basic food items. I wasn’t going to go “hungry”, but certain daily things I started to run out of, so that was “on the list” of needs for the Lord to provide as well.

Just a little over two months ago, I was in this very scenario; my seasonal job ended up being just that—seasonal, when we were told that wasn’t going to happen, and we would be keeping our jobs at the end of the Christmas Season. So I had absolutely no money saved, because I didn’t even make enough TO save any money, much less pay most of my bills. My situation started to turn dire very quickly; that was before I got a temp job at the church/school to fill in as the custodian. I just happen to mention that I needed prayers for my particular situation online, and within 72 hours, the Lord had whispered into people’s ears, and moved them to help me out enough to pay much needed late bills, and also help me with food. For six weeks, things were starting to look a little better, but then as soon as that job started, it too, had ended quicker than I previously hoped it would. But I was happy for the individual who I was filling in for, for their life situatation did improve for them to come back to work. ☺️

So this was a “repeat” of what happened, and like I said, by last Tuesday, I was walking down that road of FAITH, looking for “open doors” to swing wide open, to get me out of the bind once again. Mind you, my school schedule for this semester doesn’t allow me the “freedom” to choose from an array of jobs; I’ve had to look for jobs with flexible hours, and because of my late nights at school four days out of the week, that makes matters worse for me. Thankfully, by Wednesday night, after getting a “nudge” to check my bank account (mind you I was getting ready for band practice, but that “still small voice” went off in my head, so I knew to respond very quickly to it!), I realized that my tax return showed up way before I expected it to, and that just got me out of a very serious jam! Praise God! Then, knowing my living situation was going to change within the next month or so, one of the ladies at church decided to open up her house to me, and I will be staying there for a while, for however long the Lord determines that has to be. I sure hope He opens a door for a job soon, though.😕That would be awesome! So knowing my future living arrangements are pretty much secured, and that prayer answered, the next thing the Lord took care of this Sunday, was some anonymous individual at church, happened to leave me $100 in my mail slot at the church! Even though my tax return was almost gone in a few days, but went to paying all the past due bills and such, I now was also able to purchase food and have enough money for gas and tolls for the next couple of weeks! Then, as if that wasn’t a blessing enough (and I’m not even mentioning all the “God Winks” I got in my devotionals that mentioned such things as Hebrews 11:6, AND the ones that my blog title is about—fixing my eyes on what is UNSEEN, rather than what is seen, and many more FAITH verses!), my friend comes to visit me just this past week, and blesses me with $30, because they won some money on a “scratch off” no less( I’m not condoning such practices, but it was kind of them to give me a part of what they won!)!! They know my ongoing situation, and wanted to help me out a bit, even though they themselves are also going through some tough times lately. So, within ONE WEEK, I’ve been given $130, and had my refund of over $1300 help me pay many things, to get me mostly up-to-date. Now granted, having a job would put me in a much better postion; the Lord Himself knows that. BUT, I can tell that HIS way of doing things has “stayed” off the job long enough to allow my FAITH walk to grow, and for other’s FAITH walks to also have a chance to grow as well in their lives. It would be much easier to just allow me to have a job; but then, none of us would have been S T R E T C H E D in our FAITH by the Lord—those that were willing a little over two months ago, to give me what totaled $1200, and bought me food back then; and now, learning even more to be PATIENT, the Lord has me blessed with others to help me as well, and in turn, they’ll get blessed by Him for being so faithful, and helping a sister in the Lord out in her ongoing time of need.

God’s FAITHFULNESS has been astounding in all of this; I cannot ever thank Him enough for what He’s been doing, especially since losing my full time job back in December, 2016 and putting me on this FAITH WALK Journey “in the DARK” with Him. I haven’t been just sitting around though; it’s been an ACTIVE “waiting period”, that’s for sure! I’m going to college full time; I’m singing and playing in my Worship band at church; going to leadership classes there now once a month; in another band as well, AND going to piano lessons at school, using the gifts, talents, skills and abilities the Lord has given me to put to use. I’m also “waiting” for “that man”—let’s not forget that🙄❤️, whenever the Lord finally brings “him” around. Until things change for the “better” more “permanently”, I will be on this FAITH walk for quite some time, and the longer I am on it, and as hard as it may get sometimes, I KNOW without a doubt, that the Lord has my back, and will take care of me with every STEP of FAITH I take, day by day. May you be blessed to have read this, and encouraged by it as well, that He can and will do the same for YOU, as you step out in FAITH each day, and let Him lead you by the hand. ❤️✝️

A Typical Day in the Life when You Walk by Faith…

Since this is only my second entry, and you really have no clue as to who I am and what I’m about, I will “fill you in” bit by bit of what’s been going on with me in the last two years; that way you’ll get a good idea of where I’m going with this. Since LIFE wanted to hit me between the eyes with some congestive chest cold-cough/dizziness these past few days, and all I wanted to do was sleep, on my school BREAK no less, I’ve fallen “behind” in what I planned to do with these precious few days off, and that’s why I haven’t written again until today.

This what I normally do–I wake up on most days, around 4:30 am; this week, being sick, there was NO CHANCE of that happening! I make my breakfast, get my coffee, sit down at the computer, and start to do my devotionals, and then comment on any number of them (I usually have about six or so I read when I have the time to get to them all)–the ones that “stand out” as far as what my FAITH walk is about. I’ll be commenting on them as well, since they are part of this whole “Journey”, and God has continually used them for instruction, correction, encouragement and growth. I’ll go ahead and just use one of them that stood out to me today, to give you a little “taste” of what I do with them, and how I let them apply to my life, and what I wrote in my journal about it:

“The BLB (Blue Letter Bible daily devotional) “hits the spot” today, with 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. That speaks of how even though our outward man perishes, our inner man is renewed day by day. We also have learned to not look at the things we can SEE, but those things which are NOT seen, for what IS seen is temporary, but the things NOT seen, are ETERNAL. So the daily life circumstances that get to us–namely my situation of once again, NOT having a job, still going to school full time, and having to depend on God for pretty much EVERYTHING, is been the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced! BUT, He hasn’t let me down once! I’ve been taken cared of every single day; I’ve not gone without a meal, AND despite some “last minute” scenarios, so far my NEEDS (car being paid, car ins., gas, tolls, food, phone bill, etc.) are being met. I cannot say it’s been a really pleasant experience, because honestly, I’d rather not live this way, but it IS the way of FAITH, and it is what God has been doing in my life these past two plus years. It’s only got more intense since June of last year, when I noticed again that the jobs I should have been easily getting interviews for, didn’t happen. You could have heard crickets in the background! I knew God was up to something, and before I knew it, it wasn’t any longer a full-time job He was preparing me for; I was to apply for college FULL-TIME this past September, and by answered prayers, confirming over and over again that is exactly what He wanted me to do (financial aid came through via loans and grants for me to go!), here I am, back at school, a World Language major, picking up where I left off when I got my Associate’s degree. What the Lord is going to have me do with it, I’ve no idea. That’s for Him to know, and for me to find out…

Yea–it’s like that. Ask anyone in the military what their orders are, and they’ll tell you that they receive the immediate orders to do whatever it is they are carried out to do, and then they must WAIT upon further orders. That’s it; no one moves forward, until the next orders are given. THAT is how God works.”

It’s a TOTAL surrender of your life, every day, in every situation. Right now, I have no job again. I was filling in for someone at the church/school, since the seasonal retail job didn’t keep us around like they said they would back in December. So from late January, to about a week ago, I finally was getting a paycheck again. And now that’s over. When I went to the Lord in prayer about it a few days ago, He said, “YOU CAN’T WRITE A BOOK ABOUT WALKING IN THE DARK WITH FAITH, UNLESS YOU’RE LITERALLY DOING THAT (every day).” Makes sense, right? If you never heard about George Mueller, you should look him up. He lived a life of faith that is astounding. How that man depended on God for DAILY items–milk, bread, money, etc., and God delivered every time!! After I read a couple of his books, and also a diary of his, I was amazed at just how much of a similar pattern was happening in my life. That’s another reason why God “just so happened” to have me read those books of his; He was preparing me for a similar venture in my life–to trust God like never before, each and every day, every STEP of the way. Oh, by the way, the day the Holy Spirit spoke that word to my heart, the Days Of Praise devotional “just so happened” to have Phil. 4:19 as their verse for the day–“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Enough said. My Commander in Chief has spoken.He’s got my back; all I have to do is continue to TRUST Him, and take Him at His Word, even if I don’t “see” it all in front of me, or know what’s around the corner. He does. That’s good enough for me.

Moving Forward in My Faith Walk

If there’s one thing I hate doing, is something I’m not too savvy with, and like any other human spirit past, present or future, having to depend on something or someone else in order to get things done. Like this blog, for instance. I’ve been writing my Journey about my “Season of Waiting” for the past two plus years, because it was the Lord’s will for me to “WRITE IT DOWN”, so others can also benefit from it when I got around to writing a BOOK😳 about it. I was like, “Ok, Lord, a book, huh? Alrighty then.” Then after a year passed, and I thought by then the Lord would have “wrapped things up” with this Journey that He had me on, things just got deeper, tougher, way more spiritually intense than I’ve ever dealt with before, and that one book I thought I was journaling towards, now will be a “series” of books talking about my “Season of Waiting”.🙄 Oh, by the way, get used to the emojis—they’ve become part of what I write and express how I feel at times, and also are “markers” for certain events that have happened to me along the way. So here I am, now being “told” it would be a “good idea😳” to start blogging my journal posts NOW, before the book gets published, so others can see, read, hear and start to relate to what I’m doing, and how the Lord is working in, for, with, to, and through me, throughout this Journey. So come along with me, and I’ll start to fill you in on what’s been going on in the past couple of years, and work up till present day. If you follow me regularly, and read my blogs faithfully, you’ll start to “see” the patterns of how God works in my life, and others as well. He’s been “weaving” this beautiful Tapestry, and it’s amazing how many people are involved, and how I am being used as just one of the many “threads” in His Tapestry, to touch other’s lives while introducing them to Him, and/or bringing them to a closer, more intimate relationship with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior, Lord, Redeemer, and Best Friend. I’m not going to lie, or “sugar-coat” anything; just going to lovingly “tell it like it is”, or how the Lord tells me like it is, and just relay the message while He works on my life, and through it. There may be really hard “sayings” (John 6:60), that some may not like to hear, or just that it’s hard to believe, but STICK WITH ME; as a Believer in Christ, and experiencing quite a bit of the Spiritual and Supernatural side of things over the course of my 50+ years on this Earth, I haven’t encountered as MUCH as I have, since handing EVERYTHING over to the Lord God, back in November, 2016. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of events! No wonder He told me right from the beginning of my Journey, to “WRITE IT DOWN”(that’s not “yelling”, by the way; it’s how I write when the Lord aka the Holy Spirit speaks to me, so it stands out from what I say😉), so that’s what I’ve been doing, and now, you all get to be a part of this Journey with me. I’m DARING TO BELIEVE God can RENEW, RESTORE, REBUILD, and REDIRECT our lives, even if we messed up like I did. I will be using such things as what I’ve learn to call “God Winks”, thanks to certain authors explaining what they are, like Squire Rushnell, and Cheryl McKay. I’ll go into more of that in my next blog. Until then, if you are one for adventure, but also need a little “kick” to get things going, well then, you’re in the right place! So stay tuned, and let’s move forward in FAITH together, as God leads and guides me every single day, holding my hand in His, as I learn to WALK IN THE DARK WITH FAITH. Be blessed.