What Does It Mean to “Shut up to Faith”?

A couple of months ago, while reading one of my daily devotionals, “Streams in the Desert” by L. B. Cowan, the subject (and the title that was used) was about being “Shut Up to FAITH”, citing Galatians 3:23. Sometimes, like the situation I’m STILL in right now, God “shuts us up” to FAITH, allowing us to go through certain trials, abandon old rituals and embrace the new RELATIONSHIP with Him, “put off” the ways of our “old man” that kept us in those “chains”, to “put on” the “new man” in Christ, allowing HIM to lead and guide us on a path of FREEDOM we’ve never experienced before. That FREEDOM is being CLEANSED (1John 1:9) of our SINS, no longer allowing all those addictions, temptations, negative thinking, etc. to weigh us down. Instead, God shows us lovingly the areas of our lives that need to be changed and transformed, and then leads us by the hand on a Journey of FAITH and liberty down a road that we thought was forever “blocked” by all we’ve done in our past.

However, the SURRENDERING of the god of “SELF” must be done, for any of this to work, and succeed. By the time we get to “that point”, God has already paved out the RIGHT PATH He’s longing to get us on, in order to rid us of those chains that has been wearing us down. Once we HUMBLE our WHOLE selves to Him, and allow Him to be our Savior and Lord, asking Him naturally to “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil” that has been plaguing us, He takes us by His side, and “shuts us up” to Himself.

For every believer, it is a different amount of TIME, and a different way of doing it. It doesn’t just happen when we first come to Him, either. This devotional speaks of such men in the Bible like Moses, Paul and Silas, and John, who at one point in their journey of LIFE, God “shut them up” to change and transform their lives, and PREPARE them for either what lied ahead for them to do, or for others following them, but using them (like the Apostle John who wrote Revelation) to guide and warn others of the coming judgments God would have on His Creation, if they did not heed His Word and REPENT.  

I can relate to this part SO much right now, especially the “loss” part; December will make it THREE YEARS for me, being “shut up to FAITH”: “Dear reader, are you in some great trouble? Have you had some great disappointment, have you met some sorrow, some unspeakable loss? Are you in a HARD place? Cheer up! You are SHUT UP TO FAITH. Take your trouble the right way. COMMIT it to God…”—C.H.P.

But it really was necessary for the Lord to do this to AND for me. I had some major issues that needed to be dealt with, without having anyone else in my life around me at the time. It was best that God “sequestered” me (He just ‘planted’ that word in my mind–He does that from time to time… lol!) into a life situation that kept me from going to work in the world, being busy with this that, and not having the TIME needed to get me off my “crooked roads”, onto the PATH that He pre-destined for me long ago. Being a NANNY for about a year and a half “just so happened” to make that possible. The NEXT step was to get me back into school and start living out and using more of what I’ve been taught. There were things the Lord still wanted to “perfect” in me (Psalm 138:8), so the FRUITION of this Journey and the end of this “Season of Waiting” was still a way off.

                But, the Lord states in His Word, and I BELIEVE it to be TRUE, as it is written in Philippians 1:6 that “being confident of this very thing, that HE who began a good work in you WILL perfect it (bring it to completion) until the day of Jesus Christ”. Do NOT be surprised at all, WHEN, not if, the Lord does the same to you as you reach out to Him in FAITH, and ask Him to change and transform your life for the very PURPOSE He created you to begin with. You WILL see and hear Him in many different ways, “working all things together for good” (Romans 8:28), but it’s going to take some TIME, depending on YOUR LIFE story, and what He intended for you.

I got to the end of this devotional, and THERE it was, waiting for me—the VERY thing I’ve been crying and praying to the Lord again about in the last several days. I’ve been WAITING for such a long time, and I am longing for this “Season” to end, so here is the Lord’s sovereign power, love and might, working through this devotional to me, encouraging me one more time, to just “wait a little longer”: “Praise Him that He makes “all things work together for good” and that “God works for him that WAITS for Him” (Isaiah 64:4). There will be blessings, help and REVELATIONS of God that will come  to you that NEVER could otherwise have come; and MANY besides yourself will receive great LIGHT and blessing because you were shut up to FAITH.”—C.H.P.

                I couldn’t have said it better myself; It has once again blessed me and strengthened me to go further down this road of FAITH, while waiting for the Lord to “perfect” all that He needs to not only in me, but in “that man”, in the Journey He’s planned for us, our future, His glory, our benefit, and others’ blessings. Most importantly, is the SALVATION of many that will come about because of this work He has done in me, and the others that have been “weaved” into this Journey of mine.

We’re really all in it together, so shouldn’t we ALL be helping each other through it? This has been my way of doing it; sharing what’s going on in my LIFE, and telling others how GOOD the Lord God really is; all YOU, the reader must do, is BELIEVE that He will do the same for you, TRUST that  He has a plan for you as well (see Jeremiah 29:11), LISTEN to what He says to you through His Word, His “still small Voice” (see 1 Kings 19:11-13), etc., and above all, spend time in PRAYER and OBEY His every word. When you mess up, because you WILL, ASK for forgiveness, and “put off” that part of the “old man” that snuck up on you once again. Beat down your PAST, tell it to SHUT UP, and be gone, in the Name of Jesus and start living the LIFE God meant for you to LIVE!! Let daring bold FAITH in Him completely transform your life—be ALL that you can be in CHRIST, and WATCH what happens supernaturally in your LIFE because you DARED to WALK IN THE DARK with FAITH!!  Be Blessed–

Loneliness And Being Alone—Are They A Gift Or A Curse On This Journey?

I’ve been married twice—the first time, it was because I had a child out of wedlock, and we tried to do the “right thing” by getting married about four years into our relationship. It wasn’t the best of times, and even though I loved the fact that I was part of his big family, we were so not meant for each other. But it was hard to break away because I hated to be alone.

But this second marriage—there was I thought, something different and better about it. After all, he was a “Christian” and we had a lot in common, especially both of us being musicians. We met at church through a friend, and even though I was told over and over again by the Spirit to “WAIT, Jeannette, PLEASE wait”, I ignored those pleas. I soon found myself not only thrilled to have someone in my life again, but within TWO WEEKS, he asked me to marry him, and I said YES! And within four months to the day we met, we were married.

As crazy as that sounds, it happened just like that. The pastor of our church tried to have us wait a while, at least six months or so, until we got to know each other better. But we wouldn’t hear of it; we were determined to be with each other, for we felt that we knew what we were doing. Besides, neither one of us wanted to be ALONE anymore. He was by himself for quite some time, and so was I. We figured we’d be alright because we were Christians, and God would be happy with our current choice, rather than who we had in our past.

Husband Number Two wasn’t married before like I was. Personality-wise, he was the complete OPPOSITE of Number One. That was one of the main reasons I was attracted to him. I realize now that when the Holy Spirit told me to “WAIT”, oh my soul—I should have LISTENED!! There were many issues with Husband Number Two that slowly but surely came out over the next several years. We didn’t have any children, and now I am grateful for that. But out of those thirteen years with him, the latter SIX were some of the loneliest times I had out of married life.

More and more it proved to be I made yet another wrong life choice. Four years before the marriage finally ended, he left me, and for the next three months of my life, it was horrific. As bad as our marriage was at that point, I didn’t want it to end. All the arguments and fights, all the nights one of us would be sleeping on the couch (most of the time it was me—he wasn’t giving up the bed), I couldn’t stand the fact that I just may be ALL ALONE AGAIN. That thought haunted me every single day.

We finally got back together after those three months, but the next four years was more of the same—living as roommates, hardly any intimate time, and even though we moved a couple of times hoping the new scenery and areas would help our marriage, the fact of the matter was, WE weren’t meant to be together either.

Once again, God proved Himself right—if He wasn’t the One ordaining the marriage to begin with, it wasn’t going to last. Once again, I failed. Once again, I found myself alone, at least for a short time, and then I fell into my bad habit again of having someone else to fill the “loneliness” gap for another two years, until finally, the Lord put the “brakes” on back in 2016. Through natural and supernatural means (He is the Revealer of secrets—see Daniel 2:27-28, 47)—when He’s ready to tell us those secrets, He “lifts the veil”, and puts the pieces of the puzzle together—at least enough of it for the time, so we can understand what He’s trying to tell us. For me, I was reminded about WHY the Spirit tried to me make me WAIT on Him back in 2000, and NOT be with anyone else. I needed that time for GROWTH in Him, and in myself. I never gave myself a break since I was 20 years old; I always either dated, or was involved in a long term relationship.

But what the Lord wanted me to do almost three years ago, was to me, very frightening. Being ALONE, by myself, having NO man to go out to dinner with, to be intimate with (but intimacy doesn’t just mean jumping into bed with each other, folks!)—after all, I AM a human; I do desire LOVE, and romance. I am a VERY passionate person, and to be without someone all this time has been sometimes excruciating!! But after what the Lord explained to me just WHO that person was—the “clues” He gave to me years ago, that I just ignored, and never gave another thought to—the Lord was TRYING TO HELP me not suffer any more with having the wrong guy in my life, and I basically blew Him off!

“What the HECK was I thinking?!”, I said to Him after He not only finally divulged the “mystery” of what He told me back in 2000, but He said that no matter what, I needed TIME to heal, and to start living the LIFE He had intended me to live. He didn’t just give me the gifts of music and writing to push aside and never use again; He wanted me not just to survive in this world, but to THRIVE, and FLOURISH. But—the “deal” was, it had to be on HIS terms (that means, according to HIS Word), and in HIS timing of it all.

One of the “terms” was, just what I am doing now—telling others of the very costly LIFE mistakes I made, and hoping that by telling others, especially the younger generation, they will HEED my warnings, and not repeat what I’ve done!

Hence the other part of the “terms” He set forth—to write them down not only in my Journal, and a Blog, but a BOOK. Actually, a series of books, so others can learn from my mistakes, and make better decisions based on the Bible, and having a PERSONAL relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

As far as the music portion goes, He led me to a church where I am currently on the Worship Team, and the Worship Leader and I are also in another band that sings and plays classic rock and roll, just for fun. That’s a “God Wink” story for another time.

Being married was always HIS plan for my life—choosing who I wanted, ended up being MY plan, not His. I have “reaped” what I’ve sown all those years ago. The loneliness I’ve felt came in waves these past few years on this “Season of Waiting” Journey; sometimes I feel like I’m going to crash and drown. But then the Lord “shows up”, and as if I can feel His arms around me, He lets me know that I am NOT ALONE; that I AM loved; that I AM worthy of “that man”’s love—when it’s TIME for it; that I have so many things to learn yet, and to also share with others, while I’m still a “solitary”. Until that time comes for God to let “him” into my life, I have to learn to appreciate this time, try and enjoy the Journey, and realize that even though I am by myself right now (and for the LONGEST period of my life, I may add!), I am NEVER alone, for He is always here with me.


The BLB for today recites Proverbs 3:6– “In

ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall

direct your paths.” I know that one in Hebrew, both

verse 5 and 6. This has been a HUGE “life verse”

for me on this Journey.

It’s evident in my life, that when I have allowed the

Lord God to DIRECT my path, THE PATH He

wants me on and to STAY ON, that is exactly what

he has been doing! Anything that He originally

didn’t want to happen, has “faded” out sooner or

later. Any PERSON He didn’t want in my life any

longer, any JOB He didn’t approve of me having,

any PLACE He didn’t want me to LIVE, it got “shut

down” one way or another—it’s truly amazing how

much has transpired in my life, just in the past four

or five MONTHS, let alone these almost three

years since I’ve started this Journey.

God doesn’t lead us down wrong paths; WE have

done that to ourselves! HE didn’t set us up with the

wrong person in our lives that some of us eventually

married—that was OUR doing!

Oh, there are some that would say we HAVE to fail

at some things, in order to learn how to handle

other (and possibly much harder) things in this life;

I agree, but there are HUGE “ticket items” like the

MAN or WOMAN that God pre-destined and

ordained for us—yes, that “special one” that HE

picked out, that perfect “piece” of the puzzle that’s

been missing all of our lives.

I tried to jam in those puzzle pieces that “looked”

like that right missing piece, but I FAILED

miserably, and lost 30+ years of my life either

married to or living with the wrong person.

Hard lessons have been learned, and since the time

I SURRENDERED over my ENTIRE life, including

the RELATIONSHIP part to the Lord Jesus, He

has offered me what He called a “final opportunity”

in “getting it done right”, BUT the catch was, it

HAD to be done HIS way and in HIS timing, no

matter how LONG it was going to take (and of

course,I got no “hints” on that), and how

HARD it was going to be. He told me right from the

beginning of my new Journey, that I would be

entering a “Season of WAITING”, and that it was up

to ME to agree (or not), to wait an INDEFINITE

amount of time, until He worked on MY life.

The Holy Spirit said, “The man of MY own

choosing” (His exact words!) was also going to

have to not only be “worked” on, but that “he” also

had quite a bit of “LIFE lessons” to go through as

well, so it was going to be a while. He said though,

He needed to start with ME, and although I had no

issues about that back then, the reason why He

said it that way, I just understood just a few weeks

ago. It’s all about God’s Word being LITERALLY

worked out and proven in my life.

There is a verse in the Bible that says,

“Judgment must begin at the house of God…”

You’ll find that in 1 Peter 4:17. The reason I’m

sharing this verse, is because the Lord wanted to

start with ME—that’s exactly what the Spirit said

to me. He was putting His Word into “action” by

starting to get me off those “crooked roads” (see

Isaiah 45:2-4), and on that straight, RIGHT PATH

He destined for me long ago. Luke 3:4-6 mentions

it as well, by the Prophet John the Baptist. He

mentions Isaiah 40:1-4, and how the CROOKED

ways will become STRAIGHT, and the rough roads


That is exactly what happened to me, as

soon as I gave everything over to the Lord back in

December 2016. Even though I agreed to Him

“taking over” those troubled areas in my life,

especially my relationships, it wasn’t until the

Journey “officially” started almost two months later

when I “sensed” a greater PEACE like I never had


We as humans LOVE to be “in control” of whatever

we can, especially our lives, once we are “adults”. I

wasn’t good at “adulting” back then, and even

though I considered myself a true believer of Jesus

Christ and His Word, I STILL managed to mess up

horribly. Thankfully, He knew just “when” to STOP

all the madness, hear my cries for help, and show

me in the “natural” AND the “supernatural” (YES,

the SPIRITUAL REALM does exist!!), what needed

to be “tweaked” in my life, in order to get me on

that PATH He intended for me.

I didn’t have to feel like I was just “wandering

around” without knowing what I should be doing

anymore. I had gifts, talents, skills and abilities that

He wanted me to USE for Him and His glory, but

also, so that I could get enjoyment and a sense of

VISION and DIRECTION in my life, heading me

finally, on that right path that is NOW leading me to

a GOAL. I’m living it out daily, as I WALK in the

DARK with Him, holding tightly to His Hand as He

leads me down toward my dreams, goals, and

desires, that He wanted me to have all along. It just

had to be done the RIGHT way, and not so I get all

the accolades for it, but that the Lord God gets the

GLORY due His Name in the end.

So my life has definitely “straightened out” since

December of 2016. I don’t have all my desires yet

—the “man” I’m waiting for, that the Lord HAS

promised and destined to me, is “still in the works”.

I’ve yet to finish my first book draft, but then again,

if you told me over two years ago, that I would

actually be writing a book, I would have thought

you lost your mind—why would God choose ME to

do such a thing? After all the mistakes I’ve made in

my relationships?? Wouldn’t He be better off

choosing someone who “did it right” the first time,

and NOT have TWO divorces behind them??

Nevertheless, this is what HE chose for me to do,

even though He originally didn’t want me to go

through all that failure and heartache.

Here’s a powerful Psalm that’s worth memorizing—it’s from Psalm 40:1-5, CSB

version (caps are my emphasis):

“I waited patiently for the Lord, and He turned to

me and heard my CRY for HELP. He brought me up

from a desolate pit, out of the muddy clay, and set

my feet upon a ROCK (Jesus!), making my STEPS

secure. He put a NEW SONG in my mouth, a HYMN

of praise to our God. Many will SEE and FEAR,

and they will TRUST in the LORD. How happy is

anyone who has put HIS TRUST IN THE LORD

and has not turned to the proud or to those who

run after LIES!

Lord my God, You have done many things—your

wonderous works and your plans for us; NONE can

compare with YOU. If I were to REPORT and

SPEAK of them (as I do!), they are MORE than

can be told.”

That entire Psalm is awesome. But it is amazing

how these first five verses really tell the story of

how I was, and now who I truly am in Him. I always

was His; but NOW, He has shown me that I CAN use

what He’s given me—the gift of writing, singing,

playing instruments, learning several different

languages, etc.—all for Him and His glory, and to

let others know just how GOOD, GRACIOUS,

LOVING and FORGIVING He is, even with a

Daughter like me, who “messed up”.

It’s never too late to get off those “crooked paths”

and have Him LEAD you onto that “RIGHT

PATH”—it’s waiting for you right now!! Even though

that “man” whom HE chose for my life, isn’t quite in

it YET, I know without a doubt one day, he WILL be.

One of the best things about following the Lord

God—He KEEPS HIS PROMISES. Even though

we’re known to break ours, He NEVER leaves us or

forsakes us (Deuteronomy 31:6), and He NEVER

gives up on us! He lets us know that as long as WE

don’t give up, we WILL “reap a harvest” (see 1

Corinthians 9:24), and that there IS a HOPE and a

FUTURE (see Jeremiah 29:11) for ALL those who

SEEK Him and ask for His help.

It’s there to grab onto, so DO IT, don’t just say you’re going to, and

don’t let FEAR stop you!!! For 2 Timothy 1:7 says,

“For God has not given us a spirit of FEAR (that’s

from the evil one!!!), BUT of POWER and of LOVE

and of a SOUND MIND.” We CAN have these

things—TRUE LOVE, primarily in the Lord Jesus

Christ; but He also directs those like me to the

“one” He chose for me; A Spirit of POWER—that

is the HOLY SPIRIT that will LIVE inside of EVERY

Believer of Christ—you will have the LIVING GOD

dwelling in you, and you can speak to Him each and

every day asking Him to LEAD and GUIDE you in

all that you need and want to do in this LIFE. And

WHO out there DOESN’T want a SOUND MIND??

To have PEACE, that “peace that passes ALL

understanding”, that GUARDS my HEART and

MIND—IN Christ Jesus (see Philippians 4:7)—who

wouldn’t want more of a peaceful life, going in the

RIGHT DIRECTION, and not wasting valuable time,

money, love, etc.?? I DO! That’s why I turned it all

over to Him, and I haven’t regretted it since. My

relationship has only gotten closer to the Lord, and

better with others as well.

The spiritual realm is beyond any human

comprehension, and there aren’t words (like the

Apostle John was saying in the book of Revelation)

good enough to describe what it really means to

WALK in the SPIRIT, and no longer in the flesh(see

Galatians 5:16). You just have to decide for

yourself, to finally acknowledge Him as Lord and

Savior of your LIFE. Once you DO, He WILL

“direct your path”, lead you into all TRUTH (see

John 16:13), and show you things you NEVER

thought possible before (see Jeremiah 33:3; Psalm

25:14; Deuteronomy 29:29; Daniel 2:22)!! Here’s

Amos 3:7– “Surely the Lord GOD does nothing

unless He reveals His secret counsel to His

servants the prophets.”

He WILL reveal things to you; you only have to BELIEVE, OBEY, and

TRUST in Him. Those ghost hunting shows have

nothing on the Lord God and the POWER He

possesses, and what He gives His people who

WHOLEHEARTEDLY serve Him. That’s a drop in

the bucket compared to the vast OCEANS of

supernatural power and ability the Lord God has,

and INDWELLS in each of His children to use for

the Plan and Purpose He has called and chosen

them for.

Go ahead—-I DARE you to WALK that walk of

FAITH!! Learn to “see” what cannot be seen by

human eyes, and “hear” what cannot be heard with

human ears! Take that STEP of FAITH today, and

give it ALL to GOD, and WATCH what He does with

your LIFE!! It will NEVER be the same AGAIN!!

Be blessed.

These Walls WILL Be Broken Down, For Nothing Is Impossible With God

I’m getting to a certain point in my Journey, where “something” has to happen—a “breakthrough” with either “that man”, and whatever God is doing in his life at this moment, and/or my financial situation (which I don’t see THAT improving anytime soon, especially what just happened with my recent so-called “temp to hire” job—the Lord obviously didn’t want me to “have my cake and eat it too”—I was told I have to WALK the walk of FAITH “in the DARK”, in order to honestly write a book about FAITH; I can’t do BOTH at the same time☹).

It seems I always have some sort of “wall of Jericho” up, that doesn’t allow me to go any further; sometimes I truly believe it is the Lord that allows those “walls” to be there for our LIFE lessons, and growth, and sometimes WE allowed certain “walls” to get in our way of furthering our relationship with Him, and His Purpose for our lives. As far as school goes, I just had to change my concentration from World Languages, which I had 88% completed requirements, to LATIN and Romance Languages, which just put me back at only 50% completed. That was the Lord’s doing, not mine. Whatever the reason is (Isaiah 55:8-9!!) He wants me to study so much Latin, He is not ready to divulge it at this time in my life, WHY He wants me to take it; but here I am, now having to go not only though the Intermediate level, but next year, into the Advanced level until I graduate. Lucky me…🙄😣😕

PLEASE take my advice: When the Lord insists on you doing something that you really don’t want to do, but you KNOW it’s part of His will—-just DO IT!! It’ll save you a bunch of wasted time, effort and heartache!

✝✨Getting back to my current LIFE situation, of course, as the Lord would have it, there “just so happens to be” a devotional today relating to my plight (guess that would account for another “God Wink” then, 😉✡️🌈right?). The Hagee Ministries devotional is titled, “The Impossible Made Possible”, citing Hebrews 11:30 as the verse — “BY FAITH the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled for seven days.” It starts off, “The daunting walls of Jericho stood between the children of Israel and the Promised Land. IF NOT FOR GOD, those walls were their mission impossible.” It goes on to say that even though there seems to be “walls of Jericho” that are impossible for us to deal with ALONE, God is there with His almighty POWER, waiting for the RIGHT MOMENT (His impeccable TIMING of it all) to knock them down. He IS the God “who makes ALL things Possible” (Mark 10:27; Matthew 19:26; Luke 1:37); all WE must do, is BELIEVE, and WAIT for those PROMISES to come to pass.

That’s where I am right now; WAITING for just about THREE YEARS, going through a lot of heartache, pain, tests, waiting for “that man” to FINALLY come into my life as the Lord Himself PROMISED and confirmed to me through all those “God Winks”, fighting off the flesh (which is NOT easy to do!!)and temptations in the meantime, keeping my FOCUS on Christ, praying for others, dealing with the Spiritual Warfare when it “pops up” (it’ll be in full force within the month—I can SENSE it already!)—and ALL this, on top of living out my life day to day, going to school FULL TIME, practicing in a band, being part of a church Worship Team as well, staying in touch with family, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget about the writing of this VERY BLOG, and the BOOKS that I am to be working on as well to be published!

I have QUITE a few “Jerichos” that I must deal with on a daily basis. But one thing’s for sure —the Lord is not expecting me to take care of them on my own! He IS here, helping and encouraging me through His Word, the daily devotionals, the perfect sermons I “just so happen” to find in my notifications box that deal with what I’m going through, brothers and sisters in the Lord that pray for me, songs, etc. So as bad and as intimidating as those “walls” in my life look, and as discouraging as they may be from time to time, I KNOW that they WILL all fall and crumble, because my FAITH will NOT quit, my stance is SURE in Christ and the PROMISES He’s made to me—it is written that “He is NOT a man that should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent: Hath He said, and shall He not do it? And Hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good?” (Numbers 23:19)

Here’s the CATCH, though, to being successful in knocking those walls down and KEEPING them down—you must FINISH what you started! There’s no “backpedaling” in God’s Kingdom! I started this “FAITH walk Journey” back in December 2016, and I WILL see it to the END, if it takes me ANOTHER three years to accomplish it!! Whatever the Lord has planned and purposed for my life, and “his” life, we have to just stick with it until He has laid out the VICTORY for us, for it is by Christ ALONE, and no one else, that we can have the victory over ANY wall of Jericho in our lives.

So as I continue to WALK in the DARK with FAITH, why don’t you join me as well? Tell God of your personal “walls of Jericho” that are being too difficult to break down by yourself, and allow HIM to work IN you, the FAITH, HOPE, and STRENGTH needed to get those walls to come crashing down! It’s going to take some time, so I’m telling you upfront to most likely NOT expect it done in a day, a week, a month, or maybe even a year or longer—it all depends on what those “walls” are, and what and WHO else, is involved. But rest assured—if you allow the Lord God to MOVE in your life; if you SURRENDER yourself WHOLLY unto Him, I GUARANTEE by HIS WORD, those walls will be GONE in the Name of Jesus, and I’m betting you too, will forever be changed and transformed into the BEST version of “YOU” that you could ever have been!❤✝.

Giving it all over to God in FAITH requires GUTS—do you have the guts to do it? Do you REALLY want to see VICTORY in your life once and for all?? Are you tired of dealing with the same problems day in and day out?? Then GIVE IT ALL OVER TO JESUS! Day by day, STEP by STEP, as you spend time with the Lord God in daily PRAYER and conversation, you will SEE the results, as long as you learn to BELIEVE, TRUST, LISTEN, and OBEY His Word. It’s got to be ALL HIS way, not “half and half”; no “part-time” Christianity, part-time in the world. If you truly want your LIFE changed for GOOD, then start to SERVE the living GOD who IS GOOD, Holy, Just, Merciful, Gracious, FORGIVING, and WILLING to SET YOU FREE from those WALLS that have imprisoned and restrained you all these years! John 3:36 says (and it is JESUS HIMSELF saying it!), “If the SON sets you free, you WILL be free indeed.”

One last thing—remember, God is a SPIRIT (John 4:24), and if you take Jesus in as YOUR Lord and Savior, the SPIRIT—that is, the HOLY SPIRIT, the THIRD Person of the Godhead, WILL reside WITHIN YOU (see John chapters 14, 15 and 16 to start, for further explanation)—1 Corinthians 3:16 says (the apostle Paul speaking to believers), “Do you not know that YOU are a TEMPLE of GOD, and that the Spirit of God DWELLS in you?” And “…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is FREEDOM” (see 2 Corinthians 3:17). If that doesn’t give you a PUSH to go ahead and finally get your LIFE that is QUICKLY passing us by, IN ORDER, I don’t know what else I can say.

If you tried everything else to knock those “walls” down in your life, and nothing else has helped, why NOT try the Lord God?? He’s WAITING for you to “Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” (Jeremiah 33:3). CRY OUT to the Lord, as it is written to do in Psalms 77:1– “I cried out to God for help; I cried out to God to hear me.” That’s all you need to do, so DO IT, and finally start to SEE the things I see, and HEAR the things I hear from God Almighty. He wants ALL of us to SEEK Him out (see 2 Chronicles 7:14), HUMBLE ourselves before Him, ASK for forgiveness of our sins, and He WILL FORGIVE, and HEAL us, and make us HIS OWN❤✝.

I’ll finally end with this—FAITH is a MAJOR component in walking with God; why should He show you all His wonders, when you really don’t even want to give Him the time of day?? BUT, if you ARE willing to give God an opportunity to totally transform your LIFE, then know from NOW ON, you will no longer walk by the desires of your FLESH—selfishness, pride, lust, stubbornness, self-will, etc. —ALL of that will have to be abandoned! You will be taken on the path of FAITH, TRUST and OBEDIENCE, just like me, and be led by His mighty Hand, in the DARK, on a specific ROAD meant just for YOU. There the Lord will lead and guide you in the WAY you should go (Psalm 32:8), and while you are WALKING in the DARK with Him, your FAITH will slowly but surely GROW.

It’s inevitable, in the Kingdom of God, that one MUST have FAITH in Him, to be able to finally SEE those things which most people do NOT “see” in this world. If you stick with Him, once again, I GUARANTEE by HIS WORD, the BIBLE, you WILL see your walls coming down, and you WILL have VICTORY over ALL your “Jerichos”. Hebrews 11:6 is one of my LIFE verses on this Journey—“And without FAITH it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes TO Him, must BELIEVE that He EXISTS and that He REWARDS those who EARNESTLY seek Him.” Be blessed.

“The Changing of the Seasons”, Pt 2

I will continue where I left off this past week, and describe to you the different “seasons” of my life. I kept it as simple as I could, and highlighted some areas that we’ve all have mostly gone through at one time or another.

BUT first, I will say this right now, and it stands for anything else I’ve already written and will write in the future–I am NOT here to ever put down, insult, or belittle anyone that I’ve been involved with in past relationships, friendships, workplaces, churches, etc.–wherever I’ve met people, how long or short they were in my life, etc. These people were at one point or another part of my life. We’ve moved on with our lives, and that’s ok. But I have to make mention of them in the most simple way, not divulging any specifics, for obvious reasons. I’m just using part of my LIFE story to describe certain times, areas in my life, and circumstances that’s happened to me, to get my point across to the reader. Some of these people I still have in my life to this day; most I do not. But I’ve also learned to LIVE , LET GO and FORGIVE, because honestly, in the end, that’s the best course of action we can take, in order TO move forward in our lives.

Ok, enough of that–here is the second part of my blog:

Let’s count together the amount of “seasons” I’ve had, shall we? My FIRST🌱was my childhood—it was really awesome, by the way; I had good parents, and was given a good home to live in, and great family to be around. Being adopted into a decent family was like hitting the lottery; the Lord saw to it for one reason or another, to put me with certain family members that eventually would be close to me until this very day. My SECOND🌿was going from a teenager to an adult; that was rough, since my mom just didn’t want to lose the “little girl” she was raising—typical parental issues🙄of not wanting to “let go”. This is also the time I was dating on and off, and had my first two real long-term relationships as well. I actually was encouraged by my mother, to “play the field”—just go out and date, and not get serious with anyone. That obviously for the most part, was ignored. 🙄😑 My THIRD🌵season, was my relationship with my first husband. All those years (and also those beyond that, since we did have a child together) seemed to follow me into every facet of my life, because I became a mother to my daughter Ashley during that relationship. My FOURTH🍃season, was in between my first and second husbands, which lasted about two years. I struggled so much to listen to the Lord, who back THEN was trying to get me on that RIGHT PATH, and to WAIT on Him for the right man; I just wouldn’t do it still, even after all the hell I put myself through with my first husband; I still was too stubborn, lazy and prideful to give everything I needed to, over to the Lord to bring it back to where HE intended it to be in my life. In that short amount of time to supposedly be AWAY from men and concentrating on the Lord, I ended up being involved in one way or another, three men during that time.😞😒🙁 It just made my life filled with more emotional turmoil and regrets.

So, those unnecessary “seasons” kept coming— the FIFTH🌲one with my second husband, which lasted for technically 13 years, although we lost a few months in there from the break-up. 🌾The SIXTH one was when I came back to NJ, after letting my second husband know I was getting a divorce from him. Unfortunately, this “season” of getting myself in order mentally and emotionally did NOT last long at all, for I found myself emotionally engaged in yet another “season”😳😫🍂 (SEVENTH)which should NEVER have happened, not only because technically I was still married, but it was like going from the frying pan back into the fire!!🤮 Sometimes, I really DIDN’T think before I acted, and didn’t consider the other hearts involved. Thankfully, that “season” lasted but several weeks.😣😞

STILL I managed to get involved ONCE AGAIN, in another relationship—bringing on the EIGHTH 🍁 “season” which also still happened for most of the relationship while I was still not fully divorced, but also this one the Lord ALLOWED to be the 📚“bookend” 📚to my “third” season’s relationship. This one lasted just a hair under TWO YEARS, and many major heartaches occurred that never should have been dealt with; but I managed to not only be with this person, but allowed myself to live with him as well, and soon became involved in taking care of someone who was an raging alcoholic, cutter and who had a major bout of depression, along with other issues and fears that kept him in a spiritual “prison” most of his adult life. He at least had the sense to go back to church, and I wholeheartedly supported that, but sooner or later it had to come to an end for us; he took his things and left, and I’ve no idea what has happened to him since. THAT right there😕, was the INTERVENTION of the Lord, allowing him to leave, for it was my prayer for over a year after we got together, and seeing all the horror this brought upon himself through alcohol and myself, dealing with much demonic infestation through the intimacy that occurred. 😫

😭Once AGAIN, after he left, I had to ask for forgiveness (which I started doing right
after a few months being with him) from the Lord, and since that time, to this writing, I’ve learned to be CELIBATE—yes, four years now and counting. Even though there was technically a NINTH “season”🌴, which was termed a “long-distance” relationship, it was only for about six months, and between meeting only two times within that time frame, and a handful of calls (mostly all texting) to each other from time to time, all that so-called relationship did, was ready me for what was to be the SEASON that introduced “that man” (that God had Predestined and Ordained for me)to me. I had NO clue what was about to happen! I wasn’t even caring at all about meeting someone else; I was emotionally drained, and crying out to God for help. What God had planned for me, came out of seemingly nowhere, for I never would have expected meeting “that man” in the way, time, or place that I did!

Season TEN ushered him in, meeting him at work, getting to know him as a friend, through many discussions and lunches together, talking about all that we’ve every really wanted in life and love, and as soon as the connection was made between us; as soon as the chemistry was felt and recognized to finally be REAL and TRUE, it was over. The Lord did exactly what HE intended to do—have us MEET, get to know one another, keep it at the “friendly” level, and had it end before we both could end up ruining things for OUR FUTURE together! That “season” lasted about 7 months, and it was over and GONE…for NOW.

The Lord had OTHER plans for me, a special “Season of Waiting” as I’ve come to call it, that I’ve never allowed myself to have with Him—JUST Him and I, walking together through this life as an adult, and having to learn and re-learn some things that I missed along the way, through my stubbornness, blindness, pride, laziness, emotional turmoils, and all those demonic strongholds that kept me from having the FREEDOM to “just be ME” for a time. The Lord granted me the ELEVENTH “season”, of which I am STILL in right now, and has lasted for almost THREE YEARS now; technically, the third year comes as of December, 2019. I needed this “season” so bad, to cleanse me of all those impurities in my life I allowed to come in; to WASH away so many lost years; to PURIFY my heart, and make me start to serve the Lord WHOLEHEARTEDLY, once He took me “off the shelf” and placed be BACK on the RIGHT PATH He intended for me to be this whole time. I had to be DELIVERED of all the demonic strongholds that I allowed in me (and YES, as a Christian you CAN have demonic strongholds! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you cannot!), and as far as my FINANCES went, I finally had control of them as well, for the Lord allowed me to take a class at my church to learn exactly what to do with my money, once I was earning enough to make a budget, tithe, pay my bills, and save for my FUTURE life with “that man”. 🥰;❤✝

Spiritually, I feel like I’m 1000% better than I was back in December of 2016. The “load” that is off my mind and heart, is worth my weight in gold! The FREEDOM of being ME is beyond anything I could ever have imagined, and being able to LIVE and MOVE and HAVE MY BEING(Acts 17:28), using the gifts, talents, skills and abilities for the Lord and His Glory and Purpose in my life, is what it’s all been about! I finally “got” it—it wasn’t about ME; it wasn’t about my love life, or how to make enough money to survive, or just to get married, have a few kids, go to work every day, visit the family, go on vacations, grow old, see our kids grow up, have grandchildren come into our lives, and then eventually, go HOME and meet our Maker. No; it’s MUCH MORE than that; we are God’s WORKMANSHIP, created in Christ Jesus to do GOOD WORKS, which God PREPARED in ADVANCE for us TO do.”(Ephesians 2:10) He HAD a Purpose and Plan for us WAY before the worlds were even formed!! Jeremiah 29:11 SAYS that we have a FUTURE and a HOPE in HIM!

We weren’t just created to be stuck on this planet, left alone to fend for ourselves, make the most of it that we can on our own, and then one day, die and it’s all over. No—it was meant to be MUCH MORE than that, and I found out in THIS VERY SEASON that I’ve been living , MY PURPOSE for why God made me in the FIRST place—because HE LOVED ME!!! He loves ALL of His Creation, but He also knows most of His Creation will never even recognize or acknowledge Him for WHO He is, and WHAT He can do for them, IF they HUMBLED themselves and give their lives over to Him WHOLEHEARTEDLY, as I finally did! My LIFE is NOT the same as it was—it is SO much better, and so much more fulfilling!!! I am still WAITING on the Lord for “that man”, but oh the progress in THAT area just in the last year—amazing!! The Lord God WILL share with each of you His “secrets” (Deut. 29:29), ONLY IF you let Him INTO your LIFE!! It’s got to be a 100% INVOLVEMENT between you and Him, or else it’s NOT going to work!!

This “season” I’m currently in, has been the BEST one YET, and I DO mean, “YET”!!☺😄🥰 I KNOW without a doubt, that the NEXT “season” of my life, which technically will be my TWELFTH season (🧐🤨🤔Hmmm…12, huh?? that number is pretty significant in the Bible…🤨🙂 😏lol…), will USHER in “that man” once and for ALL, finally, never to be MOVED, removed, taken, stolen, etc. from me! He has been specifically made and designed by the Lord for ME, and I for HIM. Allow God to bring YOU into the “Season” you need to be in, in order to get right with Him, and start LIVING the LIFE He’s called you to live!

Be blessed–

The Changing of the “Seasons” that God Allows Us to Go Through, to Come (Back) to Him With a Whole Heart (Pt.1)

Seasons change; they have a beginning and an “ending” to them. I put quotes around the word “ending”, because in a way, it never really ends. It’s a continuing cycle in this LIFE; I’ve had many “seasons” before, but rarely did I pay attention to them or what was going on around me. My head was in a “spiritual” and emotional fog–spiritual because I wasn’t being as astute as I should have been, having learned much about the spiritual realm and the Spiritual Warfare that is constantly going on in this world.

I wanted to go through LIFE not having to care so much about the spiritual, especially after having learned what I did; it was partly too scary, and also seemed like too much work and responsibility to take on at such a young age as I was back then. I was 19 when the Lord first called me to that appointment; I was again in my late thirties and married a second time when I started to pay more serious attention to it. The Lord allowed me to see many things, both good and evil, in order for me to realize just how much we ALL are in a war, fighting for our very souls each and every day. Yet, I just didn’t get up early enough to pray, nor did I fervently pray throughout the day as I have now been doing for the past three years. Oh, I prayed and I certainly took the time out to teach my daughter to pray, and also prayed with her when she was a child. But I became very much involved in my own marital issues, and didn’t pay enough attention to what was going on with my own daughter as she went into her teens, our relationship, and little by little I allowed the enemy to wedge in enough space to weaken me to the point of just not caring about what was going on spiritually, and not having the energy to care anymore.

My marriage was crumbling; my second husband left me during the first quarter of 2009–he told me point blank that he no longer loved me. I saw it coming, but I didn’t think he had it in him to leave. Financially, it was impossible; we were always hurting for money, because even though by that marriage, I was getting better how to handle the finances, my husband wasn’t on board with me, and so no money was being saved or tithed correctly. Sooner or later, between all that happening, my daughter was getting ready to graduate from high school (she was engaged to a nice young man who knew he was to be a pastor), and her breaking up with her fiancé a year after her graduation to be with someone who was a far cry from the type of man I prayed for her to be with, AND walking away from the FAITH that she knew since she was an infant, our family was finally in ruins.

My then-husband and I got back together a few months after the break-up, only because I begged him to come back; the next four years in that VERY long season of my LIFE, were hell. Even though we moved back to NJ for a time, in order to be closer to our families, thinking that would help us get closer to each other again, it didn’t help. Within a year and a half, we were moving out of NJ again, not realizing until after we moved back in April 2010, just how expensive everything got, and there was no way we were going to afford to buy anything there. So, once again, we packed up and moved ourselves over to Pennsylvania in October 2011, and after a little over a year and a half passed, the marriage took a nose dive, and I finally walked away in June 2013, giving my second husband the divorce he had wanted since technically the third year of our marriage, when he first mentioned it to me.

THAT was a LONG “season”–thirteen years worth of my life, that went down the tubes. None of this would have happened, if I JUST listened to the Lord God back nearing the end of 1999, when He kept telling me to WAIT. He had chosen a man for me long ago, before the worlds were even formed, but I did not heed His Voice, and the result of my disobedience was thirteen years of heartache, sorrow, financial difficulties, a broken marriage, and most importantly, my very bruised relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. As much as I loved being married, I wasn’t with the man God intended for me to be with! So the Lord had no “choice” but to allow the natural things like the breakdown of the marriage to happen, and eventually, the divorce, because if it isn’t sovereignly predestined and ordained by the Lord, then it’s NOT going to flourish; it WILL end up “dying” out (see Matthew 15:13).

I can guarantee that if we all just STOPPED for a minute and took a good look at where we are in our lives right now, MOST of us are in “seasons” we should NEVER have been in. Again, there is the natural “circle of LIFE” that plays out, and the seasons that go with it–we are born, we grow up, we become adults, we go to work (most of us), we earn a living (whether it’s the right or wrong way these days), we get older, our body starts to break down, we get sick and/or disabled in one thing or another, and sooner or later, we die. Most people during that cycle, get married; many have children, or adopt or take in foster children into their lives. That could add many blessings or more tension, depending on each life situation, and mainly, whether or not those marriages or unions between those partners should have happened in the first place.

I’m going to stop right here, and allow all this to “sink in”, and I’ll be back with the second part of this, counting through the amount of “seasons” I had since I’ve was born, up until the present day. This was a long one, but chock full of real life issues that we’ve all at one time or another, went through similarly.

I hope you all will stick with me on this one–it may just open some spiritual eyes out there, and hopefully, some hearts to allow God to start working on those that know they need to finally hand it all over to Him, so He can stop the craziness of all those wrong “seasons” happening in their lives. Then He can change and transform them into the person He had purposed for them to be, since the Beginning of TIME.

Be blessed–

Can You Truly Function in This Life Alone? Do You Want To?

I’ve been on my own for the past four years; Oh, I’ve had plenty of so-called “opportunities” to have a man in my life, but honestly, after being put on this Journey back in December of 2016, and having the Lord show me WHO I should really being waiting for, and having Him confirm it to me several times, I haven’t had any desire to seek anyone else out further.

Have I been lonely? Sure as heck I’ve been! But functioning without a life partner is doable, I learned to realize. It was a weakness in me that the Lord brought to light, and for the past almost three years now, I’ve learn to be comfortable enough to function without having someone to lean on.

That doesn’t mean I don’t want anyone; I sure do! I am WAITING on God as of this very moment still, to deliver “that man” to me, in His own timing. I can live without such a one, but I CHOOSE not to, for I was MADE and DESIGNED by God Himself for a specific man, and that man was made and designed by God, for ME. I also want to be able to share my life, my love, my passions with him; there are so many things I want to experience with that LOVE of my life, who I cannot wait to be with. But for now, until God deems it the “right time”, I live and function alone, without that life partner, learning to become a strong independent woman who can be that better Proverbs 31 woman “that man” needs me to be for him.

The one thing I don’t EVER want to do, is function in this life without God at my side. A man is one thing, but not having the Lord God to lead and guide me, is a train wreck waiting to happen. Actually, it’s already happened in my life, hence the reason why the Lord put me on this Journey, and in a “Season of Waiting” for “that man” of His own choosing. But for me to be the woman of God “that man” needs me to be, the Lord had to “tweak” some things in my life that needed work on, and I’m way better now than I was three years ago, hence all the more reason I realize the importance of not wanting to function without the Hand of God leading and guiding me in this life.

Some of my loved ones and friends choose to function in this life without Christ; but they will never have the Eternal Life that is promised to them unless they give their lives over to Him. They need to SURRENDER their lives—body, soul and spirit—over to the Lord, accept Him as Savior and Lord of their lives, and unless they do all that, He will NOT be able to LIVE inside of them (the Holy Spirit dwells inside each and every believer—see John chapters 14-16). Period.

Mankind functions every single day whether or not they recognize Christ as Savior and Lord, and God as Supreme Being and Almighty God and Father, ONLY because of the COMMON GRACE that God has bestowed upon His Creation since the Beginning of TIME.

Most of the Earth’s population does NOT take advantage of the Saving Grace that Jesus is freely giving to ALL mankind. In fact, some have gone so far as to not only IGNORE God’s ONLY plan for their Salvation, Redemption and Eternal Life, but to insult the Most High God by saying there are OTHER WAYS and means that a human spirit being can achieve “higher consciousness”, or a “god-like” state. Some, like the atheists themselves, say one doesn’t need a supposed spirit being to better their lives—they can do it all by themselves within their own human strength, willpower and intelligence.

God puts each and every single person in situations and circumstances (most of the time, bad ones!), so that they have the OPPORTUNITY to cry out TO Him for Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Salvation and Deliverance(Psalm 34:6; 61:2; 77:1; 1 Kings 17:20; 1 Chronicles 5:20).

There’s only ONE PROBLEM with that—the strength, willpower and intelligence that they originally were BORN with, is from the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Himself, so mankind cannot say that it is only through HIMSELF that he’s attained all he has, for that is FALSE.

There are still others who say that they have somewhat of a spiritual lifestyle, inviting other so-called religions, beliefs, faiths, etc. to enter into their lives, and somehow, as “spiritual” as they may seem, saying that they are OPEN-minded to all things, shut down almost immediately when it comes to God and His Word.

Why is that? Because mankind’s DOMINION and POWER were allowed to be taken from him in the Garden of Eden, by a sly and cunning fallen angel, disguised as a serpent, named Lucifer-turned-Satan. We CAN and DO have that dominion still, because God is sovereign, and Jesus was victorious over Death at the Cross; we just need to take up our AUTHORITY in CHRIST in order to HAVE dominion over Satan! Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven (specifically, the Third Heaven) (“I saw Satan fall as lightning”—Luke 10:18) when he was foolish enough to think and say that HE could be like the Most High, and somehow take over the Third Heaven where God Himself resides (Isaiah 14:12). BUT, I have to admit that Satan used all his gifts, talents, skills and abilities that the Lord God Almighty originally gave him when He created Lucifer as a Cherub, and made him “worship leader” of Heaven (see also Ezekiel 28:13-17). Lucifer was obviously so full of himself, that he didn’t bother to give God the glory thanks He deserved for giving Lucifer all those gift, talents, etc. to begin with. Lucifer LIED to himself, thinking and saying that what he had, he attained BY himself, FOR himself. WRONG ANSWER!! Hence the quick expulsion of him out of Heaven, and now that humankind was already in the mix of what the Lord’s plans were, God has used even Satan himself and those 1/3 that were convinced of his lies and promises of taking over Heaven, all these millennia, to PROVE to mankind, that the ONLY ONE who has POWER , DOMINION and the PROMISE of ETERNAL LIFE, and the true GIVER of such, is God HIMSELF, through His Son Jesus Christ, having the Holy Spirit living IN and working THROUGH His true believers, and NO ONE ELSE can share HIS Glory and Honor due His Name (Isaiah 42:8; Psalm8:1; Isaiah 43:7; John 17:4; John 14:6; 1 John 5:13; Rev. 4:11). But Philippians 2:9-11 spells it out for us, that ALL will bow their knees, and confess with their tongues, whether they be in Heaven or Hell, that Jesus IS LORD to the GLORY of God the Father! Amen!

There are always going to be humans, until the Lord calls it “quits” down here, that will just NEVER believe Him, His Word, or in His ways. He knows that; He created us. He knows how fallible we are, such stubborn, rebellious creatures, and needing of that spiritual REBIRTH and CONNECTION to the SPIRIT that was CUT OFF due to the SIN of DISOBEDIENCE in the Garden of Eden by Adam and Eve. Satan DOESN’T want us to have that one-on-one Spiritual “re-connection” with the Lord God Almighty, for IF we DO, then we will NO LONGER fall for his lies, schemes, and deceitfulness! Keep as many “in the dark” about their spiritual connection to the Lord God Almighty—even convince some that there IS no such thing as a “spirit body” (1 Thessalonians 5:23; Numbers 16:22; Genesis 1:26-27, which clearly states God created us LIKE the Godhead!; Matthew 10:28; James 2:26; 1 Corinthians 5:5, 15:44-47), but as you see there are numerous verses in the Bible, and those listed are just a few, that speak of God making man IN HIS IMAGE, which is a SPIRIT, a SOUL (the mind, will and intellect of a person), and lastly, a BODY. But most of mankind has ignored the first two, concentrating only on the last part—the BODY, and has tried to be glorified through that ONE aspect of himself.

As it has been stated before, God is NOT going to share His glory with anyone, nor allow His creation to raise itself above Him—it cannot and WILL not happen. Either we SURRENDER ourselves to Him, realizing that we in fact DO need a SAVIOR and Redeemer in this life, to lead and guide us, ensuring us along the way that we ARE His, and He works in, with, for, and THROUGH us, because of the LOVE that Christ showed for us upon the Cross, taking our place, and putting upon Himself ALL the SINS of mankind, OR we can in our own stubbornness and rebellious nature, remain steadfast in our sins, going through LIFE here without Him, doing our own thing, believing what WE want instead of what He has shown us, and remaining DEAD in the spirit until Judgment at the White Throne Judgment Seat, which happens in Revelation 20.

It’s OUR choice—Eternal LIFE with the Lord Jesus Christ, recognizing our FULL POTENTIAL here and allowing God to work out His Plans and Purposes in this LIFE (Jeremiah 29:11) that He has Ordained and made for us BEFORE the foundations of this world (Ephesians 1:4; Psalm 90:2, 2 Timothy 1:9), and so we HAVE this “HOPE of Eternal LIFE, which God, Who does NOT lie, PROMISED before the beginning of TIME” (Titus 1:2).

OR, we can remain in our sinful state, doing WHAT we want, WHEN we want to, HOW we want to, with WHOM we want to, and meet our Judge (Psalm 9:8; 50:4; 75:7; 96:13; Isaiah 3:13; 33:12; 66:16; Daniel 7:9-10; Ezekiel 33:20; Revelation 6:15-17; Hebrews 10:30–the Lord WILL judge His people; 1 Peter 4:17–the Lord judges His OWN, and righteously, so it’s OBVIOUS that those who do NOT follow Him will ALSO be righteously Judged!; 2 Peter 2:4–even the ANGELS will be judged!; Jeremiah 17:10).

It’s up to each and every single human SPIRIT being that has set foot upon this Earth, to CHOOSE this day, who we will serve—ourselves, a false god, or the One True Living God. One way or another, on THAT DAY, we ALL will meet Him. As Amos 4:12 says, “Prepare to meet thy GOD.”

Be blessed—-

Just in Case You Didn’t Know, I’m really NOT a Unicorn… or am I??

I mean, I AM a flesh and blood female; I’m not a robot either, and I like how more and more we have to “prove” ourselves on some sites so they know we’re real live human beings! But I’m starting to think that I’m invisible, or someone that some people (mainly guys!) think I was a “figment” of their imagination…🙄😒😔

My friend Terry is right; I am a 🦄Unicorn. I’m something that seemingly doesn’t exist to a guy. I mean, c’mon—can there 🙄REALLY be women out there that ARE good, and love God, and would be loving, romantic, AND respectful to their man??🤔🤨 (YES, I’m right here🥺!!!) Oh, and of course she has to be pretty, neat, somewhat organized; she should have a good job, or at least working towards one, or pursuing whatever goal or dream she has. She hopefully is a hard worker, honest, speaking the truth but with love, not hitting the man over the head and nagging him all the time😒; also thoughtful, kind, considerate. And forgiving—she’s GOT to be forgiving, because men even into their 40’s and 50’s still act like 12 year old boys at times🤪 (I’m not saying I never get like that🙄—I could SWEAR I heard a Voice in my spirit say to me one day when I was complaining about this and that—“52 going on 12”😳!). Did I mention she should have a good sense of humor?? 😆😉😏 She’ll tell you like it is, but knows when to be still and quiet as well. Check, check, and check.😉✅ Oh, and for the love of everything good, she CAN’T try to change the man😫😩!! That’s HUGE!! He KNOWS he needs to change—it’s on his mind constantly, but unless he HAS a good enough reason to, sometimes he just “gives up” and no longer cares.

She’s got to be the type of woman that leaves such an impression on him, that he DOES care enough to move forward in his life, make those changes, and MOVE ON, and GET that woman! If he has her already, then make her realize she’s WORTH it to him TO do whatever it takes to keep her (and yes, she should let HIM know as well, that he means that much to her!).

That type of woman is a RARE thing—a “RUBY” in the Lord’s eyes; precious in His sight, so of course, for the man that ends up with her, he’s going to finally feel like he won the lottery ten times over, but money could NEVER replace the LOVE she’ll have for him🥰—that in ITSELF, is worth the effort in pursuing such a woman. And ladies, that type of man is also WORTH WAITING FOR, hence me doing just that for the last two plus years! For a man to finally feel LOVED and RESPECTED, is all that he needs. He’ll lasso the moon🌕 for her just to let her know how much she means to him.❤️ With the love that blooms and grows between them, all those “changes” that needed to take place in BOTH of their lives (yes, ladies, we have things WE need to change about ourselves as well😉), little by little, it happens. They get closer to one another; are so comfortable in each other’s presence, and the trust that grows between them, it just “happens”—they start to “blend” and become ONE with another. He doesn’t want to do or say certain things that he knew wasn’t right in the first place; she realizes that there’s no need to nag, or “push buttons”—enough “buttons” have been pushed by others in their past lives. They want this to happen; they want this to work, and somehow, they always “knew” it would. LOVE continues to grow after a while, and before they know it, they realize that they were always “meant to be”. Their love🥰for one another means more to them than anything else—except God Himself. They realize that if it wasn’t for HIM, they wouldn’t have even met. He set this up for them. He knew how and when it would work out best for them. They may have messed up a few times prior, but that doesn’t even matter anymore. What matters now, is they finally got it RIGHT.❤️

That’s what THIS 🦄Unicorn wants to have happen to HER. That’s why I’m waiting on God to bring me “him”. He’s out there; I know he is. God has assured me, via several “God Wink” confirmations 💜🌈 that I am NOT waiting for nothing. BUT, it HAS to be in HIS timing, and in the way HE’S going to bring it about. No more rushing ahead or falling behind for me; let the Lord take care of it. I’ve done enough damage in my own life, and even though it wasn’t intentional, in the lives of others. I don’t mind WAITING, even though this is one of the HARDEST things I could have ever done in my life; not so much the WAITING or TRUSTING God part, but the LONLINESS😣😞💔part. THAT’S the “killer”; I’ve never been a solitary this long in my life, since I was 18. But, it had to be THIS way this time, in order for God to do what HE needs to do in ME, and in “him”. When He decides we’re both “ready enough”, it’ll be TIME. No more waiting after that; at least not for each other. A whole new experience, a whole new FAITH walk, a whole new LIFE and LOVE that we both wanted (and needed!🥰) so much.

So yea, this Unicorn🦄 girl will continue to wait for “him”. He’s definitely worth the wait, because he IS the “one” that God wanted me to have in the FIRST place, before I “got in the way” and made my own life choices. Oh, don’t get me wrong—blessings did come out of some of those relationships as well—I gained a daughter, and now a future son-in-law, a grandson, a friend instead of an enemy (that is, my ex-husband, the father of my daughter☺️), and also, a step-daughter and her family, and a step-son as well. I still consider them all “family” as they do me.🥰. Forgiveness reaps many benefits in this life, and I did “gain” things, even though some of those things weren’t part of God’s ultimate Plan for my life. But He knew I wanted to be a mother, and He answered that prayer, despite the circumstances and life choices at the time. What I gained out of it, is priceless.❤️💎 If God can allow such amazing things to happen in His PERMISSIBLE Will, imagine what He will do for me NOW, that I am finally “IN” His Perfect Will! The verse from Ephesians 3:20 pops into my mind right now—“Now to HIM Who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the POWER that works IN us…” THAT is why I am willing to WAIT; not only because “that man” is the one I’ve wanted for so long, but because my Father CHOSE him and designed him especially for ME, and I for him. No one could ever fill God’s “shoes” in my life, nor the MAN He Pre-Destined and Ordained for me.🥰🙏🏼❤️✝️

The Harder and Longer the Trials, the more I have to Fix my Eyes on What is Unseen

First off, I want to apologize for not being on here for the past several days! I’m so sorry; Life got busy, and I actually “allowed” myself to go out a couple of times this weekend, to catch a breath and meet up with some family and musician friends. I didn’t want anyone to start thinking I was one of those bloggers that start a blog, and two or three entries later, give it up. No way—not when my “Season of Waiting” Journey is still in full swing! Nor was it because nothing has come my way as far as Divine intervention in my devotionals, or real life events. On the contrary; not only have I had my huge share of “God Winks” (oh my soul, He hooks me up with so many sometimes, I can’t remember to write them all down!), but as far as Divine intervention and what I like to call my “George Muëller” moments, I had a few of those too!

Last Tuesday (Mar. 19), I calmly spoke to the Lord about the worsening money situation; I did my taxes, and was waiting for them to come in, but honestly didn’t expect them until about a couple more weeks at least, from what I was told. My church said they were willing to help me out a bit, but had yet to do so. I knew it was already past the time for some of my bills, and I needed my car to get back and forth to school; gas and toll money was running down, and I was starting to run out of basic food items. I wasn’t going to go “hungry”, but certain daily things I started to run out of, so that was “on the list” of needs for the Lord to provide as well.

Just a little over two months ago, I was in this very scenario; my seasonal job ended up being just that—seasonal, when we were told that wasn’t going to happen, and we would be keeping our jobs at the end of the Christmas Season. So I had absolutely no money saved, because I didn’t even make enough TO save any money, much less pay most of my bills. My situation started to turn dire very quickly; that was before I got a temp job at the church/school to fill in as the custodian. I just happen to mention that I needed prayers for my particular situation online, and within 72 hours, the Lord had whispered into people’s ears, and moved them to help me out enough to pay much needed late bills, and also help me with food. For six weeks, things were starting to look a little better, but then as soon as that job started, it too, had ended quicker than I previously hoped it would. But I was happy for the individual who I was filling in for, for their life situatation did improve for them to come back to work. ☺️

So this was a “repeat” of what happened, and like I said, by last Tuesday, I was walking down that road of FAITH, looking for “open doors” to swing wide open, to get me out of the bind once again. Mind you, my school schedule for this semester doesn’t allow me the “freedom” to choose from an array of jobs; I’ve had to look for jobs with flexible hours, and because of my late nights at school four days out of the week, that makes matters worse for me. Thankfully, by Wednesday night, after getting a “nudge” to check my bank account (mind you I was getting ready for band practice, but that “still small voice” went off in my head, so I knew to respond very quickly to it!), I realized that my tax return showed up way before I expected it to, and that just got me out of a very serious jam! Praise God! Then, knowing my living situation was going to change within the next month or so, one of the ladies at church decided to open up her house to me, and I will be staying there for a while, for however long the Lord determines that has to be. I sure hope He opens a door for a job soon, though.😕That would be awesome! So knowing my future living arrangements are pretty much secured, and that prayer answered, the next thing the Lord took care of this Sunday, was some anonymous individual at church, happened to leave me $100 in my mail slot at the church! Even though my tax return was almost gone in a few days, but went to paying all the past due bills and such, I now was also able to purchase food and have enough money for gas and tolls for the next couple of weeks! Then, as if that wasn’t a blessing enough (and I’m not even mentioning all the “God Winks” I got in my devotionals that mentioned such things as Hebrews 11:6, AND the ones that my blog title is about—fixing my eyes on what is UNSEEN, rather than what is seen, and many more FAITH verses!), my friend comes to visit me just this past week, and blesses me with $30, because they won some money on a “scratch off” no less( I’m not condoning such practices, but it was kind of them to give me a part of what they won!)!! They know my ongoing situation, and wanted to help me out a bit, even though they themselves are also going through some tough times lately. So, within ONE WEEK, I’ve been given $130, and had my refund of over $1300 help me pay many things, to get me mostly up-to-date. Now granted, having a job would put me in a much better postion; the Lord Himself knows that. BUT, I can tell that HIS way of doing things has “stayed” off the job long enough to allow my FAITH walk to grow, and for other’s FAITH walks to also have a chance to grow as well in their lives. It would be much easier to just allow me to have a job; but then, none of us would have been S T R E T C H E D in our FAITH by the Lord—those that were willing a little over two months ago, to give me what totaled $1200, and bought me food back then; and now, learning even more to be PATIENT, the Lord has me blessed with others to help me as well, and in turn, they’ll get blessed by Him for being so faithful, and helping a sister in the Lord out in her ongoing time of need.

God’s FAITHFULNESS has been astounding in all of this; I cannot ever thank Him enough for what He’s been doing, especially since losing my full time job back in December, 2016 and putting me on this FAITH WALK Journey “in the DARK” with Him. I haven’t been just sitting around though; it’s been an ACTIVE “waiting period”, that’s for sure! I’m going to college full time; I’m singing and playing in my Worship band at church; going to leadership classes there now once a month; in another band as well, AND going to piano lessons at school, using the gifts, talents, skills and abilities the Lord has given me to put to use. I’m also “waiting” for “that man”—let’s not forget that🙄❤️, whenever the Lord finally brings “him” around. Until things change for the “better” more “permanently”, I will be on this FAITH walk for quite some time, and the longer I am on it, and as hard as it may get sometimes, I KNOW without a doubt, that the Lord has my back, and will take care of me with every STEP of FAITH I take, day by day. May you be blessed to have read this, and encouraged by it as well, that He can and will do the same for YOU, as you step out in FAITH each day, and let Him lead you by the hand. ❤️✝️

A Typical Day in the Life when You Walk by Faith…

Since this is only my second entry, and you really have no clue as to who I am and what I’m about, I will “fill you in” bit by bit of what’s been going on with me in the last two years; that way you’ll get a good idea of where I’m going with this. Since LIFE wanted to hit me between the eyes with some congestive chest cold-cough/dizziness these past few days, and all I wanted to do was sleep, on my school BREAK no less, I’ve fallen “behind” in what I planned to do with these precious few days off, and that’s why I haven’t written again until today.

This what I normally do–I wake up on most days, around 4:30 am; this week, being sick, there was NO CHANCE of that happening! I make my breakfast, get my coffee, sit down at the computer, and start to do my devotionals, and then comment on any number of them (I usually have about six or so I read when I have the time to get to them all)–the ones that “stand out” as far as what my FAITH walk is about. I’ll be commenting on them as well, since they are part of this whole “Journey”, and God has continually used them for instruction, correction, encouragement and growth. I’ll go ahead and just use one of them that stood out to me today, to give you a little “taste” of what I do with them, and how I let them apply to my life, and what I wrote in my journal about it:

“The BLB (Blue Letter Bible daily devotional) “hits the spot” today, with 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. That speaks of how even though our outward man perishes, our inner man is renewed day by day. We also have learned to not look at the things we can SEE, but those things which are NOT seen, for what IS seen is temporary, but the things NOT seen, are ETERNAL. So the daily life circumstances that get to us–namely my situation of once again, NOT having a job, still going to school full time, and having to depend on God for pretty much EVERYTHING, is been the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced! BUT, He hasn’t let me down once! I’ve been taken cared of every single day; I’ve not gone without a meal, AND despite some “last minute” scenarios, so far my NEEDS (car being paid, car ins., gas, tolls, food, phone bill, etc.) are being met. I cannot say it’s been a really pleasant experience, because honestly, I’d rather not live this way, but it IS the way of FAITH, and it is what God has been doing in my life these past two plus years. It’s only got more intense since June of last year, when I noticed again that the jobs I should have been easily getting interviews for, didn’t happen. You could have heard crickets in the background! I knew God was up to something, and before I knew it, it wasn’t any longer a full-time job He was preparing me for; I was to apply for college FULL-TIME this past September, and by answered prayers, confirming over and over again that is exactly what He wanted me to do (financial aid came through via loans and grants for me to go!), here I am, back at school, a World Language major, picking up where I left off when I got my Associate’s degree. What the Lord is going to have me do with it, I’ve no idea. That’s for Him to know, and for me to find out…

Yea–it’s like that. Ask anyone in the military what their orders are, and they’ll tell you that they receive the immediate orders to do whatever it is they are carried out to do, and then they must WAIT upon further orders. That’s it; no one moves forward, until the next orders are given. THAT is how God works.”

It’s a TOTAL surrender of your life, every day, in every situation. Right now, I have no job again. I was filling in for someone at the church/school, since the seasonal retail job didn’t keep us around like they said they would back in December. So from late January, to about a week ago, I finally was getting a paycheck again. And now that’s over. When I went to the Lord in prayer about it a few days ago, He said, “YOU CAN’T WRITE A BOOK ABOUT WALKING IN THE DARK WITH FAITH, UNLESS YOU’RE LITERALLY DOING THAT (every day).” Makes sense, right? If you never heard about George Mueller, you should look him up. He lived a life of faith that is astounding. How that man depended on God for DAILY items–milk, bread, money, etc., and God delivered every time!! After I read a couple of his books, and also a diary of his, I was amazed at just how much of a similar pattern was happening in my life. That’s another reason why God “just so happened” to have me read those books of his; He was preparing me for a similar venture in my life–to trust God like never before, each and every day, every STEP of the way. Oh, by the way, the day the Holy Spirit spoke that word to my heart, the Days Of Praise devotional “just so happened” to have Phil. 4:19 as their verse for the day–“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Enough said. My Commander in Chief has spoken.He’s got my back; all I have to do is continue to TRUST Him, and take Him at His Word, even if I don’t “see” it all in front of me, or know what’s around the corner. He does. That’s good enough for me.